Day: January 11, 2021


How to Repair and Recover Corrupt CAB files

Find out a suitable method to restore faulty CAB files and why DataNumen CAB Repair is your best tool for recovering MS Cabinet files.

Microsoft software developers use Cabinet (CAB) file format to package and distribute applications. The advantage of using CAB files is that they are easy to share and download. The final CAB file is smaller than the combined size of the compressed files. Unfortunately, CAB files are also susceptible to data corruption.

If your CAB files become faulty and you do not have a backup or a way to download a new copy, your best bet is to use an application such as DataNumen CAB Repair to recover your data. This application comes with great features which make it a top pick in its class. Here is a sneak peek of what the DataNumen CAB Repair can offer.

Important features of the DataNumen CAB Repair tool

1.     A simple intuitive design

Just like other DataNumen applications, the DataNumen CAB Repair tool comes in a simple intuitive design that is optimized to operate efficiently in a Windows environment. This way, users with a basic understanding of Windows systems can operate the application with ease.

The software is compatible with Windows Explorer and supports features such as right-clicking and moving files through the drag-and-drop function. The application tabs are also labelled to match each button with the appropriate function. These features eliminate user learning and allow users with basic IT skills to perform complex data recovery tasks.

2.     Universal CAB file repair and recovery tool

The DataNumen’s Cabinet repair tool supports the recovery of CAB data on all Windows computers and all versions of MS CAB files. This feature makes the application an ideal pick for experts who own data recovery shops. With this tool, they can serve any client who has problems with corrupt CAB files, irrespective of its version or method used to create it. This way, the experts save on operating costs as they would otherwise have a separate data recovery application for every version of MS cabinet files.

3.     Supports batch processing of corrupt CAB files

If you are dealing with many CAB files, the CAB repair software allows you to repair them in batches. You can add additional files by dragging and dropping them in the “List of files to be repaired” space. Also, the “Add files” button allows you to browse for target files in your computer or mounted drives. This feature allows you to handle big projects with ease. You can save time with batch processing as opposed to repairing a single file at a time.

Final thoughts

When your MS CAB files are damaged and you do not have backup copies, the best way to recover your data is to use a specialized tool such as DataNumen CAB Repair to salvage your files. This application supports the recovery of all versions of CAB file formats, including files made using LZX and MSZIP methods. When recovering your CAB file, the application allows you to customize your output data as an SFX file. Other features include compatibility with all Windows operating systems, simple intuitive design, and batch processing of corrupt CAB files.

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