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WordPress For Beginners: Easy Website Creation, Adding Content and More

Many people are asking why you need a premium WordPress website. There are a couple of answers to that question. First, when someone starts out and creates their first website, they most likely did not have high-end graphics, videos, or even know how to make a website. All they had was WordPress, an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), and a domain name.

As time goes on, they may add content to the blog posts, or perhaps create a video. Eventually, they may also want to add new images to the website without having to do anything else, such as changing the CSS. This is where WordPress makes the difference and allows for a person to quickly and easily add new content, videos, and images without having to learn any code. The same can be said for changing the layout and format, adding any new plugins, or even rearranging the admin area.

Easy to save changes

WordPress offers an easy way to save changes on the fly, so you never have to re-enter the admin area after making changes. This saves time and allows you to make updates, such as adding new blog posts without restarting the WordPress server. Another great benefit of WordPress is that everything you change on the website will be saved in your WordPress database, so you do not have to recreate everything after each change.

Best CMS

The problem with other CMS like Blogger or Squidoo is that it does not allow for much interactivity. Unless you want to share a forum, post a blog post, or start an email discussion, you will have to go somewhere else. When you are trying to sell a product or service on the Internet, it is imperative to have a dynamic front page and admin area. WordPress can provide this, allowing you to easily add new products, change existing products, or start new blogs and emails. If you want to go beyond just adding content, it is essential that you also have a great way to edit the site.

Help using Plugins

If you want to go beyond just adding content to your blog posts and changing the design, you will need to install additional plug-ins. A popular theme is the ‘Widoween’ theme, which is a perfect choice for a Halloween website. It gives you many styling options, including a classic Halloween look and feel and adds lots of spooky graphics and features like rotating spooky spider veins. You can install a wide variety of themes, including the ‘Daycare Theme’ or the ‘Google Webmaster Central Theme’, which will give you a great way to manage your Google AdWords accounts, track your blog posts, add content and more.


Finally, you will need to follow the steps four in order to get started. This step will require that you have either a username and password, or a blog account. Once you have an account, it is as simple as creating a ‘content directory’. From here, you can upload any files that you want to include on your WordPress website. Finally, you can set up your first post, create the newsletter sign-up box and more, making WordPress the perfect platform for beginning bloggers.

How do street lights work in actual?

Lights, known as street lights, mounted on poles spaced at intervals are just like twinkling stars. Silently illuminating our streets, roadways, highways, sidewalks, and several other public place areas, they don’t even let us how hard it gets to find the path, protect ourselves, and be safe in the darkness of the night. Street lights are also known as street lamps and not only show us our path in a better way but also offer numerous other benefits.

How do street lights work?

How street lights work is an astonishing but remarkable miracle of nature and a mesmerizing work of the brain of scientists. Although it is an era of LED street lights, still the most commonly used in street lamps all across the globe are the high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS). In the simplest of words, HPS produces light that spreads over quite a distance by passing electricity through a mixture of gases. Street HPS lamps are extremely efficient, durable, long-lasting, and need maintenance rarely. That is why such street lamps are widely used all over the world. However, other technologies such as high-intensity discharge (HID), metal halide, mercury vapor, low-pressure sodium, incandescent, and most recently light-emitting diode (LED) are also used in street lights.

How much electricity does a street light consume?

The 1900s was the era of incandescent lights that used to consume 320 watts and that was too much energy consumption. The high-pressure sodium lights consume 250 watts approximately and have offered a lot of energy-saving.

What type of material is used in the street lights?

Street lights have to withstand the outdoor elements and extreme weather conditions. Therefore, corrosion-resistance materials like aluminum or strong plastic material such as polyethylene are used in street lamps to enable them to endure outdoor conditions.

What are the advantages and benefits of street lights?

Street lights are a kind of unsung heroes. They have been silently serving the public for centuries now since the first street light was installed in Cordoba, Spain back in the 10th century. The primary function, as well as benefit of street lighting, is to illuminate streets, roads, and public places when the night brings darkness. They also offer various other benefits as well.

  • Street lights help pedestrians and other vulnerable road users who have to face decreased visibility if street lights aren’t there. So, they substantially reduce risks accompanying darkness.
  • Street lights substantially improve drivers’ safety. Driving during the night is always risky as almost 40% of accidents are reported to happen between 7 pm to 8 am. But, the accident percentages are reported to be significantly low on those roads and highways where street lights are installed.
  • Street lights bring crime rates to the lowest levels. That is a huge benefit of street lamps. Crimes usually take place in the dark where criminals snatch vehicles, rob, or do other crimes and vanish into the darkness. Street lights, however, don’t let the night spread darkness over our streets and roads. Thus, criminals cannot take advantage of the dark and that is how street lights help in controlling crimes.
  • Street lights also offer certain other benefits such as reduce glare from headlights of other vehicles, help drivers easily navigate, and so on.

How to find the best bathroom cabinets collection in Toronto

When to buy bathroom cabinets

It is easy for things to get disorganized in the bathroom especially if you have a lot of bathroom supplies. While you could install the traditional sink in the bathroom, if you want to keep things organized and tidy in your bathroom, it is advisable to go for bathroom cabinets.

Toronto bathroom vanities or bathroom cabinets are simply cabinets designed for the bathroom. While they all serve the purpose of storing items, if you are concerned about the size, design, and structure of the cabinet, you need to pay closer attention to their collections.

However, before purchasing bathroom cabinets, you need to ensure that you have adequate space for the cabinet. Large-sized cabinets in small spaces may limit the flow of traffic and even worsen the problem it is supposed to solve.

The amount of space would determine the size of Toronto vanities you should go for. For instance, if you have a large-sized bathroom, you could consider double vanities. For a small-sized bathroom, you should consider single vanities, wall mount vanities, and free-standing vanities.

For more information on bathroom cabinets, click here.

Why Choose Vanity Sense

While there are many vanity stores in Toronto, only a few of them stand out. Vanity Sense is one of the top names to reckon with in the furniture and cabinet industry in North America. The team has several years of experience in the Canadian vanity industry and offers best-in-class vanities and cabinets. If you are looking for high-quality James Martin vanities made with topnotch North American hardwoods, you need not look farther from Vanity Sense.

The wood and materials used in making each cabinet at Vanity Sense are hand-selected from the best materials. This ensures that you get the best quality products. In addition, each piece of furniture is handcrafted by highly skilled and experienced Vanity Sense craftsmen. Also, they are also passed through highly experienced quality control experts to ensure that they meet the required quality standards.

To learn more about James Martin Vanities, click here.

Selecting furniture from the best collection

Toronto bathroom cabinets at Vanity Sense are classified into several collections. The collections denote cabinets of specific classes and characteristics. For instance, if you are looking for cabinets with a subtle design and big style, you should consider going for the Alicante collection.

Other collections in Vanity Sense include the Balmoral collection, Chianti collection, Boston collection, Columbus collection, Double vanities, Linden collection, Metropolitan vanities, to mention a few. In need of the best quality Toronto vanities? Vanity Sense is only a click or a call away from you. Contact Vanity Sense to buy superb vanities from any location in Canada.

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Best Way to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Do you know the best way to catch a cheater? Spying on a cheater is one thing but catching a cheating spouse is almost a completely different challenge.  You cannot confront a cheater with actual evidence. On the other hand, once the cheater suspects you are watching them, they can easily change their ways.

In the end, you can hardly catch a cheater without a proper method. False accusations can damage your relationship, so you need to make sure you can prove they are cheating on you before you make any.

9+ Ways to Catch Your Spouse Cheating: Find Out How to Catch Somebody  Cheating With Our Step-by-Step Guide!

Hire a Professional Hacker for your Hacking Needs

This method is the best way to catch a cheater and remain anonymous. When the cheaters are very good at what they’re doing, your amateur spying skills can’t catch up.  The cheater may always be one step ahead of you. So what do you do in this situation?  Consider hiring a professional or a private detective to do the hard work for you. They have sets of skills and experiences that allow them to catch cheating spouses more effectively. Visit for more information. You can send an email directly to [email protected] to get started. While you may think it is costly, it could be the best shot to deal with slick cheaters. Trust me; it’s simple and very anonymous.

Use Keylogger App

A keylogger is an application that captures keystrokes in the targeted phone. Why is it important? Keylogger apps are one of the ultimate apps to catch cheaters but more comprehensively.  With a keylogger app, not only can you capture all messages and text communications, but you can also get usernames or passwords of accounts that you might have ever known.  Whenever successful, you can get undeniable proof of your cheating spouse. The keylogger can expose almost anything about cheaters if you’ve successfully installed the tool on their phone. Send a mail to [email protected] if you wish to purchase customized software to track your partner. Or go to to send a message.

Follow Your Spouse Around Cautiously

Don’t think about being a detective because you’re not one. What we mean about following your spouse is to confirm whether they are lying to you.  You can track your spouse in stealth mode to figure out where and with whom he is. Contact your spouse as he’s in your vision and ask him about his current location and companion. This way, you can figure out whether they’re lying to you that gives you an initial sign of answers. Keep your distance when following your spouse as you don’t want to get caught. Don’t forget to capture a photo.

Make use of GPS Tracking Device.

You might not have to follow your spouse physically as you can now use GPS tracking devices. This device is connected to an app on your smartphone so you can track where your spouse is going. You can install a GPS tracker in their vehicle, or you can activate the GPS and install an app on their phone when they’re not around. If your spouse isn’t in your sights, you can follow them anytime through the app. The rest of the story is at your discretion. You can decide whether you want to keep spying for a while or catch them in a hotel.

Get Through Their Cloud Storage

Just like any relationship, a gross affair would need documentation. You may not be able to capture a photo of your spouse being with their mistress, but how if you don’t need to do that? What you need is access to their phone and cloud storage. A cheater won’t be fools to store photos of their affairs in the phone storage or personal computer, but they would likely make use of the cloud storage. If your spouse is so protective of their phone, we bet they store something you don’t want to know in their cloud.

Review His Paycheck and Bills

No one can have an affair without money; a cheating husband will surely spend on gifts for his mistress. Get through the paycheck and bills and do your math. While he can manipulate the paycheck, he might be more careless about the bills, especially if he’s using a credit card. Whenever you have access to the credit card bills, get through them whether or not suspicious transactions like dining, jewelry, electronics, or other expenses you don’t know and enjoy. If you notice one, you can confront the truth with him, and you’ve captured a cheater.

Get Visual and Sound Records

You suspect your partner is a cheat, but you can hardly prove it without actual evidence. Visual and sound records are ultimate proofs that cheaters can’t deny. You can install a camera and voice recorder in their room or car where you suspect the affair took place.  There are various hidden camera and voice recorder products available in the market, while some even offer built-in storage and wireless connectivity. Your spouse would not expect that you’ve done a great job to get undeniable evidence.  Once you get the records, you catch the cheater.

Install Spy Software on the Communication Gadget

Spy software is a more advanced form of keylogger that, instead of capturing the keystrokes, the monitoring softwareapp spy can spy on communications in your spouse’s phone. You can also monitor pretty much everything your spouse does with their phone. You can see text messages, phone calls, instant messaging, social media, and even dating apps your spouse might be accessing.


The real-time connection gives you more advantages if you want to proceed with your findings further. For example, you are setting up your spouse with their mistress when at a hotel.


There are many places you can hire a hacker online, but you need to be careful to ensure that you do not fall victim to an online scam. If you want to be safe and avoid trouble, we advise you to hire a hacker. You can send a message to [email protected] to speak to a professional hacker. Remember, before you accuse your partner, make sure you have concrete evidence, or else it will backfire!


Internationally Multi-Platinum Certified Producer/Songwriter And Elite Peak Performance Success Coach, Founds World Wide Movement In The Middle Of The Pandemic for “Global Unity”!

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The Mission:

The World is going through a crisis, BUT also bringing positive changes along with it.

We are all facing the same problems of being isolated or separated from the ones     we care for. We have suffered Wildfires, Pandemics, Racial injustices, and Economic and Health Threats affecting our Nations Globally.

BUT, it also now gives us the chance to Unite, Stand Together, Work Together, and look past the Borders of Religion, Politics, Race, and Sexuality.

Even temporal Peace seems to be possible in War Zones.

In the middle of the Pandemic Internationally Multi-Platinum Certified Producer/Songwriter And Elite Peak Performance Coach Geo Slam founded The “One World – Movement” –

A World-Wide, Non-Profit Project to raise awareness for “Unity” all around the Globe.

Ordinary volunteering people, Adults and Children from so far over 45 Countries and 6 Continents across the Globe (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia) from all Ethnical Cultures have recorded Video Shoutouts over Zoom or Smartphones praising and taking their stand for “Unity” and sent them to the

“One World – Community.”

The videos are now being posted on One World’s Social Media Channels.

These people are showing themselves taking action, getting together in spreading the message that it’s time for “Unity” now more than ever.

Making their Voices Heard, Contributing to Making A Global Change, and the number of participants in the One World Movement is constantly increasing.

The Song:

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The Theme-Song “One World – Catching Fire,” now released Worldwide, is Exclusively written By Geo Slam for the “One World – Community Movement.”

Listen To The Theme-Song “One World – Catching Fire” here:

Spotify Track URL:

Apple Music URL:


It serves the purpose of raising awareness for all groups of people and has only one goal: “Unity”

The Song is in the majority recorded remotely over the Internet with Zoom or Facetime.

The Choir used as backup singers are made up of children and ordinary volunteering people from all over the World who show their support for the “Cause” and contribute to Making A Change!

Voice Messages are directly recorded by the participants into smartphones where they were chanting “One world,” made up the background choir

in the Song’s chorus when blended together.

Live Recordings from Wild Animals in Tanzania were used to create a more World-Music-Atmosphere, AND Geo Slam himself sampled his own Heartbeats to

be used in the Breakdown Section of the Song as a Rhythm-Beat.

As Lead Vocalist for the Song, the German Singer Iness Voca was handpicked by Geo Slam.

Iness Voca is one of the fastest uprising Organic Artists in Germany.

With her Heart and Soul committed to make the World a better place and being personally involved in numerous Charity Projects made her the first and only choice for the well renowned Internationally Multi-Platinum Certified Producer.

Iness Voca stands for “Global Unity” and is a living example of what this project is all about, says Geo Slam.


One World: Movement is Collaborating with a large number of Social Media Influencers, Companies, Organisations across the Globe and have many continuously ongoing Social Activities such as TikTok Challenges, Dj-Remix Contests, Social Media Challenges, and Contests, etc.

Geo Slam wants to challenge everyone, everywhere, to take a stand and do something every day for others.

“Unity starts from within all of us, and by taking action and do good for each other daily, we make it a reality”

/ Geo Slam

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Follow The Rise of the “One World – Catching Fire – Movement” on:

For More Info Please Contact: Att: Linda Stewart

Email: [email protected]

If you want to contribute or Participate in the One World Movement, Send your Shoutout-Video to the email address above. You can see examples of

Shout Out-Videos here: Listen To The Theme-Song “One World – Catching Fire” here:

Spotify Track URL:

Apple Music URL:



Geo Slam has contributed on an array of recognisable Songs to Popular Culture with many of the World’s Best-Selling Recording Artists such as One Direction, Enrique Iglesias, Jason Derulo, Backstreet Boys, Blue, LP, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Kelis, Taio Cruz,

Deadmau5, Priyanka Chopra, Europe, etc and has been involved with the Production of various popular Albums & Singles that cumulatively

have sold over 50 Million Copies World-Wide.

Besides his career in Music, Geo Slam is a Certified Professional NLP & Timeline Coach.

He is certified by The Association For Professional Coaching in association with the European community for NLP and the International NLP Federation – Specialized in Emotional Mastery, Elite Peak Performance, and Success Coaching for Music Artists, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and Thought-Leaders Globally.

He is a highly sought after motivational speaker and has been lecturing and giving motivational speeches to thousands of people for Schools, Organisations and Companies in all over Europe and in the United States and has been seen on FOX, NBC, CBS , USA Today.

The Superior Court of Los Angeles County

Procedural Posture

The Superior Court of Los Angeles County (California) entered a judgment against defendant corn broker, in an action for breach of contract and breach of warranty of fitness that was filed by plaintiff tortilla manufacturer. The corn broker appealed the adverse judgment.


Overview: Get yourself the best Los Angeles business lawyer

The tortilla manufacturer bought a carload of corn from the corn broker, and then delivered it to a grain mill to be cleaned, recleaned, and sacked. The written contract specified Number 2 White Corn, Eastern Grade. The tortilla manufacturer contended that the corn broker breached its warranty of fitness because the corn was contaminated and unfit for human consumption. At trial, the tortilla manufacturer testified that the corn was to have been double cleaned and sacked by the broker. The court reversed the judgment, holding that the corn broker did not breach the warranty of fitness. The court found that the parties’ contract was integrated. The trial court erred in admitting the tortilla manufacturer’s parole evidence that that broker was to have double cleaned and sacked the corn. The court found that according to Department of Agriculture standards, Number 2 corn was not rated fit for human consumption. Rather, the double cleaning process made the corn fit for consumption. The court also found that the corn complied with the contract at the time it was delivered to the tortilla manufacturer’s mill.



The court reversed the judgment that had been entered in favor of the tortilla manufacturer and against the corn broker.

Petitioner employer sought an annulment of an award by the California Industrial Accident Commission

Procedural Posture

Petitioner employer sought an annulment of an award by the California Industrial Accident Commission (commission), which found that respondent employee, a jockey, was not an independent contractor. The employee was injured while riding a horse for the employer in a race.


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The employer maintained that when he gave instructions to the employee, the purpose of the instruction was the final result sought to be accomplished. The employer argued that he did not intend to exercise of control and direction over the means to be employed in accomplishing that purpose. The court disagreed, the court held that the purpose of the instructions was to advise the employee exactly how to ride the horse. The employer ordered the employee to let the horse run its own race to the last quarter mile and then whip him no more than three or four times. The court was bound by the commission’s finding unless there was a lack of evidence to support its decision. Additionally, the fact that the employee’s compensation was based on whether he won the race alone did not make the employee an independent contractor. Moreover, the fact that the employee was employed for a single race only was not controlling. Based on the foregoing, the court determined that it was not the intent of the legislature to make the employee an independent contractor nor was it the legislature’s intent, in adopting the Horse Racing Act, to make jockeys independent contractors.



The court affirmed the commission’s decision that the jockey was the employer’s employee and not an independent contractor. By his instructions, the employer exercised dominion and control over how the employee made efforts to win the race.

Appellant third party sought review of a judgment from the Superior Court of Sutter County

Procedural Posture

Appellant third party sought review of a judgment from the Superior Court of Sutter County (California), which sustained respondent corporation’s demurrer. The corporation had agreed to sell and deliver water to a farmer for irrigating land, and the third party was to be indirectly benefited by such irrigation as mortgagees of the land leased by the farmer. The third party sought damages when the corporation failed to deliver the water.


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The trial court sustained the corporation’s demurrer to the third party’s amended complaint without leave to amend, the demurrer being both general and special. The corporation had agreed to provide and deliver water to a farmer for irrigating land owned by or leased to him and to deliver such water at a fixed point designated in said contract, it being expressly provided that said water was to “be used only by the consumer upon his said lands for the purpose of raising rice and beans thereon.” The third party had sublet the lands to the farmer and the farmer had, in turn, assigned an interest in the crop to be grown. The farmer executed a crop mortgage on the rice crop, which was set out in full in the contract between the corporation and the farmer, and it was on this relation that the third party based its alleged cause of action for damages for failure to deliver the water. Upon appeal, the court affirmed the trial court’s decision to sustain the corporation’s demurrer, holding that the third party did not have title to any part of the crop but merely had an unmatured lien on the crop for securing payment to them by a promissory note.



The court affirmed the trial court’s judgment, which sustained the demurrer in favor of the corporation, holding that the third party, a mortgagee of the land which the farmer had leased, was only indirectly a beneficiary and did not have standing to sue the corporation for failure to deliver water as required by the contract it had with the farmer.

বাংলাদেশের প্রতিশ্রুতিশীল সংগীতশিল্পী প্রিন্স মাহমুদ অর্ণব

‘সংগীত নিয়ে আমার আগ্রহ ছিল না। ছোটবেলায় বলতাম, আমি ডাক্তার / ইঞ্জিনিয়ার হব। আমি খুব দুষ্টু ছিলাম। আমি তখন দ্বিতীয় বিভাগের ক্রিকেটারও ছিলাম, তবে সংগীত আমার রক্তে ছিল।

এই কথাগুলি গায়ক প্রিন্স মাহমুদ অর্ণবের কথা। তার মেধার কারণে প্রিন্স মাহমুদ অর্ণব এখন বাংলাদেশের সংগীত জগতের একটি পরিচিত নাম। শৈশবে তাঁর সংগীতের জগতে আসার কোনও সম্ভাবনা ছিল না। ‘বাবার অনুপ্রেরণায় অর্ণব সংগীত জগতে পা রাখলেন।

অর্ণবের জন্ম জামালপুরে। মাধ্যমিক পরীক্ষার পরে, ১৬ বা ১৮ বছর বয়সে, কম্পিউটারে ছন্দের একটি প্যাটার্ন তৈরি করে শুরু হয়েছিল। অর্ণব বললেন, ‘তারপরে আমি অনুশীলন শুরু করেছি এবং দু-একটি ধাঁচের কাজ শুরু করেছি। আমি পুরানো বাংলা গানের রিমিক্স শুরু করলাম।

তারপরে আমি “ইউজ উর ভয়েজ” নামে একটি ব্যান্ড দল গঠন করে।

এক নজরে প্রিন্স মাহমুদ অর্ণব

 জন্ম: 14 জানুয়ারী, জামালপুর

 মা: লুৎফুননেসা মুনির

 পিতা: মোঃ মুনির উদ্দিন

 শিক্ষা: টেলিযোগযোগে স্নাতকোত্তর

 জনপ্রিয় সংগীত: ‘আমার ভাঙা বাড়ি’, ‘অনুভুতিহীন’, ‘সময়ের অপেক্ষা’

প্রাপ্তি: লোকেরা আমাকে আমার নামে চিনে।

অর্ণব এখনও নিজের পরিচিতি নিয়ে চিন্তিত না। প্রথম সুযোগটি আসে নাটকের শিরোনামের সংগীতে গাওয়া থেকে। তিনি বলেছিলেন, ‘আমার এক বন্ধু আমাকে তার আসন্ন নাটকের জন্য গান গাওয়ার প্রস্তাব করেছিল। কিন্তু ভয়েস দেওয়ার পরে, তিনি বলেছিলেন, এটি দুর্দান্ত ছিল এবং তিনি আবার আমাকে তার পরবর্তী নাটকের জন্যও গান গাইতে বললেন। এরপরে আমি আবার আমার গিটারটি নিয়ে অনুশীলন শুরু করেছি এবং আমি আমার  নিজের লিখা পুরানো কিছু লিরিক দিয়ে নিজের কয়েকটি গান তৈরি করার চেষ্টা করেছি।

অর্ণব একজন আইটি পেশাদার। ক্যারিয়ারে তিনি বাংলাদেশের অনেক নামী ওয়েবসাইট তৈরি করেছেন। সম্প্রতি তিনি পুরোপুরি সংগীতের দিকে মনোনীবেশ করেছেন এবং তিনি তাঁর গানের ক্যারিয়ারকে সামনে আনার চেষ্টা করছেন।

Things To Know Before Installing Air-Conditioners

San Diego HVAC Services | Blue Diamond Heating and Air

Air-conditioners are taken for granted. We don’t put an excessive amount of thought into them until they break up unexpectedly – to which we respond by flying right into a sweaty rage. So unless global warming does disappear (read: it won’t), chances are we’ll nevertheless be reliant on air-conditioners to keep us cool.


Here’s what you need to learn if you’re planning to do air conditioner installation in your home/office:


Different Types Of Air-Conditioners


Wall vs. window air conditioners


The most commonly used ones will be the wall-mounted and window units. As their names suggest, the former is sealed permanently to, or installed on, an exterior wall, while the latter fits right in an existing window. Both come making use of their pros and cons; having a wall of air conditioning ensures that you do not have to give up your window space and are a whole lot more economical in the long run. However, the downside is that installation costs might be higher (because you’ll probably need to create openings in the walls).


Inverter vs. non-inverter


You’re bound to encounter these terms if you’re thinking of getting a wall air conditioner. In a nutshell, inverter air-conditioners operate on a variable speed compressor, whereas non-inverter varieties operate at the full load whenever the compressor is switched on.


System 2/3/4/5


The figure represents a rate between the number of indoor units to one outdoor unit. For instance, a System 3 air-conditioner unit will comprise of 3 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit. Which system combination you ultimately choose depends upon the number of rooms you want to possess air-conditioners in. So, if you want all three rooms in addition to the family room in your 4-room BTO to possess air-conditioners, you’ll probably get a system 4.


Size Of Your Rooms Matter


Bigger doesn’t indicate better as it pertains to air-conditioners. Smaller rooms won’t need powerful air-conditioners to cool (or, in this case, make it resemble a freezer compartment), nor would you want to install an air-conditioner that cannot cool the entire room’s area.


Thankfully, there’s an easy way to determine an air-conditioner’s power to cool a room. All air conditioners come with a standard British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating, which measures their cooling capacity. How many BTUs you’ll need for a specific room is calculated by multiplying the square foot of said room by 35.


Turning On All Day And Night Is Expensive


As all of us know, using air-conditioners inside our climate is inevitable, and it does come at a higher price. However, air conditioners account for most of our energy bills – so if you’re likely to utilize them 24/7, anticipate paying an amount equivalent to a developing nation’s GDP.


The amount of energy does an air-conditioner use? Typically, the average unit uses anywhere from 1000W upwards compared to 50-100W for a standing fan. This means if you’re likely to use one air-conditioner for 8 hours per night, it will amount to at the very least $58 – $150 per month.


One way to save on costs is to consider an air-conditioner’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) when purchasing one. A higher number indicates a better unit – individuals with an EER of 9.7 – 10.7 are recommended. Air conditioners with a higher EER will save you roughly 10% on your power bill, so it is worth thinking about one for the long run.

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