5 Ways College Could Change In the Coming Years

5 Ways College Could Change In the Coming Years

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Colleges, much like the school in general, has been the same for multiple years now, the only essential difference is that you get to choose your major and career you pursue. No matter how grand a trailer for a university will make it seem, universities follow a very rinse and repeat formula where you choose a major, buy your books, study, and eventually graduate.

While it may be a lot easier said than done, you cannot deny that a lot of people have lost faith in the college system and for no other reason than jobs. With the freelance market exploding with talent, people are wondering if going to college is worth it. So with concerns about the colleges at an all-time high people are wondering whether or not colleges will change, and how. So let’s look at five ways colleges can change in the coming years.

Changes to Colleges


1. Addition of Artificial Intelligence


Let’s be honest; you probably saw this coming. AI has managed to make its way into quite literally everything from cars to household appliances, making it no surprise that AI will play a major role in colleges in the coming years. One of the most effective roles that AI will play is that of grading exams.

Professors can sometimes spend a large portion of their job simply checking the exam material of their students. While some tend to leave this material in the hands of their assistants, it still isn’t good enough. AI, on the other hand, will eliminate this problem, as professors will be able to focus more on the teaching side of their job.  


2. Extended Use Of E-Learning


e-Learning will make classrooms a lot more dynamic and will alleviate the strain that students undergo by carrying their books. Other than carrying their books, students will receive a much more diverse range of learning tools. With the help of videos, texts, and even animation, the school can create a comprehensive course with different teaching techniques for different types of students.

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3. Using Virtual and Augmented Reality


Augmented and virtual reality are two of the most advanced forms of technology of the current generation. Although the use of augmented and virtual reality is more common in entertainment and simulation tests, various firms are making a move to implement augmented and virtual reality to the classroom.  

Subjects like geography have always been incredibly hard to explain to students, seeing how it requires a lot of “imagination.” Augmented reality can show students slideshows, animations, and videos without any extra equipment other than augmented reality glasses; students will also be able to interact with the augmented reality programs through their phones and other devices.

On the other hand, Virtual Reality will ensure that children will be exploring different parts of the world or even the depths of space and the ocean, while still sitting in the classroom. Virtual reality allows your students to experience a wide array of different environments, sights, cultures, and landscapes all within the confines of a classroom. By having virtual reality, students can better understand courses that require a lot more visualization, such as physics and chemistry.

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4. A Greater Dependence On Various Gadgets And Devices


While modern-day classrooms certainly make good use of various gadgets such as projectors and speaker systems, the future will see a much greater dependence on electronics such as phones and computers. As augmented reality will make a much more of an impact in course books and teaching methods, most students will use their phones to access these different features.

Moreover, various courses will have a heavy emphasis on research making the use of phones and other smart devices almost essential. The use of smart devices gains traction via course books and subject material going to a more digital format. The digital format allows for students to carry only one device and continually access all of their course material at all times.


5. Much More Emphasis On Corporate Ethics And Culture


One of the major reasons why students even attend college, possibly the only reason why students attend college is so that they have a definitive way of getting a job into their respected careers. Somehow, students who attend college and start searching for jobs know very little about that part of their lives.

They know very little about the fundamentals of giving an interview, know very little in the way of corporate ethics, have very little or no knowledge about corporate culture, and are not aware of professionalism in the workplace, oral communication, and a positive attitude. Lack of all of this essential knowledge is also a major reason why students are not able to find good jobs.

With students’ faith in college institutions dropping immensely, colleges will start incorporating corporate culture into the everyday curriculum of the college. By doing so, students will become more accustomed to handling corporate culture and will have the skills necessary to get the job they want.


Students in colleges have become a lot more skeptical of their institutions due to the unavailability of jobs in their fields. However, with these changes soon to come to colleges, college’s will become more effective in teaching students both their course material and the rules and ethics of the corporate world.

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Anne Baron is a highly experienced educator, writer, and copywriter specializing in academic research.  She has a Ph.D. in Educational Administration with almost 25 years of experience in teaching and academic writing.  She spent a dozen years managing a large college peer-tutoring program and another dozen years in the classroom teaching college students.  She has since retired from teaching and devotes her time and efforts to freelance writing for institutions, businesses, and colleges like Patrick Henry College.

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