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Discover the great benefits of honey kelulut (Khasiat madu kelulut)

There are some products that serve in various ways to strengthen the body and to give the skin a special glow. Many of these products are so exotic and recognized that many people want to buy them and most women are always looking for new products every day to provide the care they need.

Having the best brands is essential, especially when you plan to purchase a product designed to care for such a delicate area as the skin of the face and hair.

Everyone has ever heard of the great benefits that honey provides in multiple uses. In addition to being used as a very tasty food product that can also be used as a substitute for sugar. This prevents you from having to use a product that is harmful to humans and slowly wreaks so much havoc.

Being able to count on honey as a substitute for sugar is a very essential resource at any time and it can also be used in multiple surprising ways.

Honey Kelulut (Madu kelulut) works to generate great changes at any time and as a nutritional supplement contributes to raising the defenses and treating many types of ailments.

The best of using honey

Honey Kelulut (Madu kelulut) is ideal; this natural product has properties that provide additional benefits that are not found in other types of honey. This honey is special to take care of any part of the body and provides impressive results very quickly.

This type of stingless bee honey is very rare to find and that is what makes it so recognized and that it is one of the favorites in many corners of the world. Each bee in this place receives the best care to produce a purer, sweeter and improved quality honey.

This type of honey is cultivated by people who have specialized in beekeeping for years. They aim to innovate with each product that is launched on the market in addition to motivating people to take care of the beautiful bees. These bees provide their material to help many people around the world to take care of their health and to treat some problems.

This type of product is free of artificial ingredients, which means that it is extremely natural. What differentiates it from other commercial honeys that contain artificial ingredients that can cause adverse effects.

It is better to use natural honey

The benefits of honey kelulut (Kebaikan madu kelulut) are manifold. One of them is the fact that it helps with hair care and makes it acquire a special and more powerful shine.

There are many hair treatments that contain this type of honey; everyone can use it safely due to its natural composition.

It has become a very important product of frequent use for skin and hair care. It is used in special masks for skin care and in a short time you begin to perceive favorable changes and a much smoother skin.

Stock Market Guide for Beginners

We all understand that market share is a share in a company. So if a company has issued 100 shares and you have one claim, you have a 1% stake in the company.  Let us also understand the stock market, how to invest in the stock market, and how to buy shares in India.  If you are new to stock investing, then this post is very using entirely for you.  This is a hazardous area where the downside can be profound, and in the worst case, you can lose all your money.

Stock market for beginners in India

Many people stop investing because they feel that a lot of money is needed to support the stock market. But this is just not true. You can only pay Rs. you Can start your investment as low cost per month. The key to creating wealth is developing good habits, such as investing a small amount in the stock market every month. If you make a habit of investing regularly, then you will be in a much stronger financial position in the future.

Here are some tips beginners should follow that:

Set long-term goals:

You must know your goal before investing, and in the future, you may need money. Funding for an extended period in the stock market can provide good returns.

Makeup for the misses:

It requires a commitment to investing regularly.  Saving a standard amount can make you profitable. If you cannot keep in the stipulated time this week, then prepare for it in the next week.

Understand your risk tolerance:

Perception of risk also influences risk tolerance because you can avoid investments that are likely to concern you by understanding your risk tolerance.

control your emotions:

When you are first investing in the stock market, we bound you to get emotional and overwhelmed because getting good returns can make you happy, but losing money can cause loss. Never learn to make your investment based on your feelings. Trader can use the best buy sell signal software for their trade or investment decision making.

Handle Basics First:

Learn about the stock market and individual securities and write the market as knowledge and risk tolerance.

Diversify your investment:

Investment diversification protects your money from unfavorable stock market conditions. As soon as it comes to investing, it is advised by savvy money managers that investors should invest money in unique assets, i.e. diversify their investments. This avoids losing all purchases in one market.

Be real:

Never invest hoping to earn quick returns; it is better to be patient and start your investment.

Invest in mutual funds through SIP:

MF is a long-term investment that invests in various securities and builds wealth when invested over a long period. Investment starts from just Rs. 500 per month.

Historically, equity investments have given a significantly higher return than other types of investment options. It also provides easy liquidity, total visibility, and active regulation to ensure fair competition for all. Investing in the stock market is an excellent opportunity to make money for those willing to save consistently. Just complete the investment in time by increasing knowledge and enjoy the power of compounding. The smaller you start your investment, the higher the result.

Braking Resistors and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most important competitive factors for companies today. Especially electric motors are of great importance for energy efficiency applications. Because almost seventy percent of the electrical energy consumed in the industry is electric motors. Large power electric motors can be made much more efficient with a few technical applications. Braking resistors are widely used at this point. Even if the motor is stopped in electric motors with drive, the motor does not stop immediately due to the motor inertia. The motor continues to rotate and a lot of energy is released. At this point, if the motor is not stopped by braking resistors, it feeds sugar and excess voltage occurs. Motor braking resistors are used to prevent this situation.

Thanks to braking resistors, motor malfunctions are prevented and energy is recovered. The application areas of braking resistors are as follows.

-Fixed crane, tower crane

-Robot control applications

Conveyor systems

-Elevator and escalator applications

-In pulley systems in factories

-In stone crushing machines

In wind turbines

The value of the braking resistor depends on the characteristics of the drive. Speed control device manufacturers generally give these values in their product catalogs. Rmax and Rmin are important at these points. In general, another important criterion at this point is the strength of the braking resistor. Our recommendation is that one tenth of the motor power can be selected as the braking resistor power. However, as we said, this value will vary according to the application.

What Should be the Properties of Braking Resistors?

Braking resistors must be heat resistant. The materials of these resistors should be chosen especially from high quality heat resistant products. Moreover, the tolerance of braking resistors should be high.  It may not be easy to predict what will occur during the application. In addition, since the braking resistors will be used in industrial environments, the IP protection class should be high. It is important that it is not affected by dust and chemicals.

Another important point is that since these resistors are used in industrial environments, the location will always be a problem. For this reason, small products that can fit into compact panels will provide great convenience during application. Aluminum case can be preferred for its lightness. Aluminum is also a good coolant. For this reason, these types of cases are often preferred in ac drive applications.


Georgia Business Search

For consumers living in the Peach State, a Georgia business directory is an invaluable resource to find a local business in Georgia offering the products or services you need. You can make your Georgia business search faster and with better results when you use the business finder provided by USA Company Directory.

Our Georgia Business Directory

We are the directory for USA companies that provides you with a vast range of searches to find the businesses that produce the products or services in the state of Georgia. Our Georgia business search provides you with the following information.

  • Business name, location, and contact information
  • Products or services the business provides
  • Working hours and more

For consumers, we offer a Georgia business directory that helps you find the business that you need in your local area. From service provides such as plumbers, electricians, and HVAC specialists to retail stores that offer the products you want to purchase.

For business owners, our Georgia business search directory lets you reach out to consumers that might otherwise not know of your company. Our business finder brings your company to the public in a way that highlights the products or services you offer and bolsters your business brand.

Why Choose Our Georgia Business Finder?

There are good reasons for businesses to consider listing their companies in our Georgia business directory. Right from the start, listing your business is free. All you need to do is set up an account, fill out the basic information, and submit. Keep in mind that all businesses listed in our directory are legal and approved by the corporation of the state of Georgia.


All you need to do is fill out the required information and you are set. This means that in just a few minutes, you can complete setting up the account so your business can be found by local consumers.

Improved Online Awareness:

With more people searching online for the products and services they need, especially from local companies, our business directory for USA companies in Georgia is perfect for you needs. You can expand your reach into the state, allowing your company to be found by consumers that otherwise might have gone unnoticed.

More Information:

You can list the type of information that provides consumers with what they need to find your business. You can also post additional information that will help boost your business brand. From your logo and slogan to reference links to help consumers find out more about what you offer, our Georgia business search directory boosts your online profile.

For consumers, your online search for a local business in Georgia that provides the products or services you want is just a few clicks away. With USA Company Directory, we offer you the ability to find the shops, stores, and businesses that are in your region of the state. Let us be your business finder, providing you what is needed to make the best-informed decision about which company to choose for your needs.


Why Sarkari Jobs are your best bet during the Covid Pandemic

The world is going through a crisis. Major economies are having a hard time handling the COVID-19 pandemic let alone India. Several sectors have been hit hard especially tourism, hospitality, and retail to some extent. So, if you are looking for job security during these unprecedented times, where should you look for?

Private companies of all sizes and stature have gone through cost-cutting by either shedding down their workforce or by freezing employee pays. There have hardly been any sectors (except maybe pharma/hospital industry) which have not seen employees been made redundant or their salaries being cut/frozen. And, so far there is no sight of a vaccine or a concrete promise of one. This means you never know how long this economic crisis will continue. Therefore, a Sarkari job is your best bet during these hard times.

Benefits of having a Sarkari job

1. You get job security during an economic downturn and the chances of you being laid-off due to cost-cutting almost do not exist.

2. You do not have to work longer hours in a government job when compared to working for an MNC.

3. Lots of perks including flexible leave allowance, travel allowance, health insurance, etc. are offered to government employees.

So, considering a Sarkari job is the right thing to do during the COVID-19 pandemic as there are many uncertainties and no one knows how the future will shape up. If you are employed with a private company, you can never be sure if they will manage to stay float through the crisis. Whereas, when employed by the government, you can rest assured that you have job security at all times as there is no concept of lay-offs in the Sarkari world.

India Cricket Schedule for 2020-2021

The Indian Cricket team is scheduled to tour Australia starting November 2020. The Indian team will arrive in Australia on 12 November and will undergo a 2-week quarantine period before the series. The Australian tour includes 3 ODI matches, 3 T20Is, and 4 Test matches along with a practice match.

Once the quarantine is over, the series will begin with the first 2 ODIs at the Sydney Cricket Ground and the 3rd ODI at the Manuka Oval in Canberra.

Then they kick-off with the T20Is, out of which the 1st match will be played at Manuka Oval in Canberra and the remaining 2 T20Is back again at the SCG in Sydney.

The last leg of India’s tour of Australia will include 4 test matches starting on 17 December 2020 (they go on until 19 January 2021). Apart from these matches, there is also a 3-day practice match with Australia A scheduled to be played before the test matches.

Here is India Cricket‘s full schedule along with dates and ground:

1st One-Day Match: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney on 27 November 2020
2nd One-Day Match: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney on 29 November 2020
3rd One-Day Match: Manuka Oval, Canberra on 2 December 2020

1st T20 Match: Manuka Oval, Canberra on 4 December 2020
2nd T20 Match: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney on 6 December 2020
3rd T20 Match: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney on 8 December 2020

1st Test Match (D/N): Adelaide Oval, 17-21 December 2020.
2nd Test Match: Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, 26-30 December 2020.
3rd Test Match: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney, 7-11 January 2021
4th Test Match: The Gabba, 15-19 January 2021

How to Change Your Router Settings

A router contains the settings of the Wi-Fi network. If you have a router installed at your residence, it will include all of your home Wi-Fi network information. People often need to make changes to their network for a variety of reasons like increasing security by changing Wi-Fi passwords, network protocol changes, or any other reason. For this purpose, you have to know the Default Router IP and Router Login Details.

Importance of Router Login Details

You cannot log into the router’s software or firmware without the router login details. Moreover, the default router IP is used to access the entire router settings. Every router has its own default IP. For instance, millions of routers around the world use the IP address because it is used by leading router companies like Cisco, D-Link, and Linksys.

How to Access Router Settings Page?

You can easily obtain the router login details from the router manual. Once you have entered the correct username and password, you will be able to access the main page of the router settings. The layout and options in settings vary from router to router. Generally, you will be able to rename the network, change the password, modify the security level, create a new guest network, and perform various other functions.

Various Router Settings

Users can also access the router settings to change the router’s firewall rules that might be preventing them from fulfilling the desired task. Sometimes network issues can also arise due to discrepancies in the network addresses. In such a situation, users must know the default router IP and router login details to access the settings and resolve the network issues.

If you have children at home, you might want to restrict access to specific sites. It can be achieved by setting parental controls through the router configurations. Modifying the channel and band setting can also improve the speed and quality of the Wi-Fi network. However, highly technical settings that you do not understand should not be modified because it can disrupt the entire network. Network experts and internet service providers can help you in making extensive changes to the router if you want.

In the end, you should remember that every router is different and has its own settings. Even routers produced by the same companies can have varying configuration tools, depending on the model that you have. You can always find the essential information about a router like its default IP, log in details, model, and other settings from the router manual.

Gulf Leading Packing, Wrapping, Coding And Product Inspection Machine Supplier

Al Thika Packaging LLC is the Gulf’s leading supplier of packing machine and materials, end of line quality inspection equipment and materials handling solutions. We offer our customers complete line design & project management services. Established since 1994 and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with offices in Muscat, Riyadh and Lahore.

Our strategically located headquarters in Al Quoz, Dubai, has an office, warehouse, spare parts store, workshops and demonstration area all under one roof. A dedicated team of specialist engineers provides the technical support which has always been at the heart of Al Thika success, backed by a comprehensive inventory of spares parts and consumables.


Al Thika Packaging supplier of packing machine, thermoformer, traysealer, VFFS & HFFS for food, beverages, pharma and non-food industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain – UAE, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and the many other Gulf countries.


Markem-Imaje is a trusted manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of reliable and innovative thermal transfer industrial printer, laser printer, print and apply label systems. Al Thika Packaging is the exclusive supplier of Markem Imaje in the Middle East.


Product inspection solutions from Mettler Toledo safeguard the quality and integrity of your products, inside and out. The Mettler Toledo brands Garvens, Safeline X-ray Inspection system, Safeline Metal Detection equipment and CI-Vision are synonymous with the highest quality product inspection solutions.


Raytec Vision is a leading expert in optical sorting machine technology for dry fruits, dates, nuts, potatoes, fruit and vegetable and other food products. Raytec sorters remove product defects and foreign materials based on Infrared, Chlorophyll, Translucency, Colour, Shape. Raytec offers a wide range of sensor-based sorters and camera-based sorters.


Al Thika Packaging is the GCC leading supplier of stretch wrapping machine and shrink wrap machine. Since 1994 Al Thika Packaging has been supplying multiple packing, wrapping and sealing machinery to food, non-food, pharmaceuticals and beverage industries.


Espera is a worldwide leading manufacturer of weigh price labeller machine which is used in all kinds of food industries as well as in further processing industries.


Tinytag data logger accurately and reliably monitor temperature, humidity, power usage, CO2 and other environmental parameters in office, wet & dry space and underwater submerged environment.

5 Amazing Herbs and Spices To Boost Your Immunity

A good immune system can keep us safe from many dangerous diseases. Even many fruits, Dry Fruits and vegetables and many other things which are good for our immune system but there are some herbs also which are very important for your health and immunity.

These herbs highly beneficial for immunity and protected in case of any disease. Daily consumption of these herbs can save you from many health problems. It keeps you better and would save your money also. So here are some good and highly recommended herbs for you which are good for the immune system.


Turmeric with curcumin is one of the best herb, an immunity buster consists of curcumin which is great for brain and heart health. You can add one spoon turmeric in milk and can directly consume it.

That would be more healthy for you. It removes toxins from the body and keeps strengthen your immune system. You should consume organic turmeric daily in your meal, It is quite beneficial for your healthy life.

Curcumin is extremely rich in anti-oxidants, Which helps to empower the immunity. This is the easiest way to enhance immunity power in the body. It can stop growing the cancer cell in the body and also healthy for the liver.


The full of antioxidant coriander best for the immune system. Anti-cancer properties in coriander more helpful for good health. Daily consumption in a meal of coriander is best for a healthy life. Coriander may help lower high blood sugar in diabetes. It can even control anxiety. You can consume coriander trough the salad and other cooked vegetables. Daily consumption of coriander can boost your immunity. You should try this herb at home in your daily meal.


Best in cold and cough and high to boost immunity and with anti-oxidant properties, Very good for health. It is also known as a peppercorn. It is dark black in color with full of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Great for immunity and instant reliever in cold. If you have pain in the throat, then nothing can good more than black pepper for you. It will give you instant relief. It boosts your immunity fast and keeps you safe from disease. Black pepper is the most helpful herb to improve immunity easily. Add a little quantity of black pepper in your daily meal and you will see the results.


Ginger is a flowering plant and it grows as a root. Ginger widely used in medicines and it very useful for health and if you infected with cold and you should drink ginger tea, It would be very beneficial for you. Ginger rich in containing anti-oxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties. It can stop growing cancer cells and helpful in HIV also because it is the best immunity enhancer. Consume a cup of ginger tea every morning and you can reduce weight. it removes all anti-oxidants from the body and empowers the immune system.


Highly rich in medicinal properties and good for health. Most important for a cancer patient. A cancer patient should make sure that he or she consumes two or three tablets of garlic in the morning before taking food, It is a more effective remedy for any cancer patient. Garlic reduces the risk of heart disease And controls the high cholesterol level. The most beneficial herb in this list for health. A healthy person can also consume garlic in the morning to keep better health and a good immune system. Garlic is a highly nutritious herb that is excellent for health and our immune system.

The Signs of a Trustworthy Process Server

*Tries to cry but only curses come out of Larynx” “I hired the best attorney-at-law. Factums were in my favor. But… I failed me as I failed to produce a legal notice’s receiving-receipt, which was not even entrusted by the server. O’ God! You know I was ignorant of legal technicalities; the process server’s unprofessionalism cost me my case and my right.”

Choosing a reliable process server is as important as choosing an attorney. A minor mistake in your homework regarding the former can cost you a legal victory. Today, the number of process servers has increased to the extent that it gets hard to pinpoint the best.

To make your legal-journey easier, here are our two-cents. The presence of the following signs is necessary for a process server to be trustworthy:

The Not-Questionable Success Rate

Your opponent starts his defense-struggle way before standing in front of the black robe. His first step is always to avoid the legal notice. That is why in 80 to 85 percent cases, papers never get served.

It may also happen that your opponent in the litigation has moved out of the state, or he has changed his job, house, and location. Any change in the information provided by you to process the server is going to make your notice null and void automatically.

That means what you paid to your attorney for that notice is also going to go in vain. In such a scenario, the perfect and high success rate of the process server acts as your savior.

Living the Process via the Ideal Guidance

An attorney never tells you about the legal procedure. You pay, and he proceeds. However, the trustworthy process server is not like that. It tells you what is going to be the procedure of its service.

It tells you what witty approaches and tools it plans to use to find, serve, and tackle your opponent if he tries to play. It never does ‘if and but’ while answering:

  • Is it going to take a picture of the non-receiver?
  • Is it going to get it attested, or confirmed, or verified by two well-reputed men in the neighborhood?
  • Is it going to affix notice on his house?

Keeps You Updated

From confirming the submission of notice to dispatching to other individual’s refusal to accept, the trustworthy process server keeps you updated A to Z. It goes without saying that if it is not communicating regarding each step, you have not made an ideal choice. You need to remain informed and updated throughout the process.

Shows Proof of Service

It needs to be completely transparent. It needs to entrust your proof of service, which can be:

  • A photo was taken at the time of service
  • A signed copy
  • A signed statement.
  • A GPS tracking – this is proof that “We went at the litigant’s place of business or resident, but he attempted to act as a fox to avoid the law.” It needs to have time and date as well.

Certification and Experience

It needs to be certified and registered with the courts. Any server which is not certified means it is not trustworthy in the court’s eyes, and you need to avoid it.


The best attorney and process server are equally vital. So, put the same amount of effort while looking for the latter.

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