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CISA Certification – Is it Worth & How to get it?

CISA Certification – Is it Worth & How to get it?

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is a credential considered to be one of the most reputable certifications in the security domain. The popularity of CISA certification has grown in the past years. By the end of 2009, there were more than 70,000 IT professionals who were designated at the position of CISA.

CISA Certification is granted by ISACA, which is an association that had been established in 1969 for information systems privacy, risk, security, assurance, audit, and governance of the professionals.

Benefits of CISA Certification

The key reason why IS auditors opt for getting CISA certification training is to enhance their value and level in the organization. When you have a better value in your organization, it will back you up with higher pay grade along with job security. CISA Course enhances your credibility in the organization and lets your organization know your capabilities and knowledge once you have passed the examination.

Once you become CISA certified, it not only impacts your career, but it also reflects on the company that you are working in. Let us have a look at some of the key benefits of being CISA certified.

●     Skill Enhancement

Once you attend ISACA training, you will learn through an international body, and it will enhance the level of your skills. You will get on the path of attaining all the necessary skills that could land you to a perfect job.

●     Chances of getting promotion increases

The main aim of any certification training is to add value to your skillset and apply them in the work environment that you are working in. With the help of certified training, any employee becomes more and more engaged in offering the best services to the company and adding value to it. With the right amount of hard work, he/she might get promoted in the company. CISA certification training will make you industry ready with all the necessary skills to enhance your chances of getting a promotion on the job.

●     Recognition

CISA is a global certification, and it is recognized all over the world. Every country respects CISA certified professionals to be excellent for auditing IT systems of various businesses. CISA certification will add tremendous value to your resume and portfolio.

●     Expertise with Experience

This course will enable the learners to become well-versed with all the auditing skills required in this field. Every learner would be able to work on his/her Information Systems skills by moving ahead in the course.

Is CISA Certification worth it?

In reality, only you can answer this question for yourself, but if we look at the career point of view, then it is worth it. CISA Certification will add significant value to your profile and help you in building a career path for yourself in the IT industry. CISA certified professionals are valued in every organization, and their pay grade, as well as recognition, is much higher than the non-certified employees.

How to get CISA Certification?

The process of becoming CISA certified is divided into four necessary steps. Before moving towards the steps, let us have an overview of what the process consists of.

●     First, you need to pass the CISA examination with a score of 450 or more.

●     You need to have an experience of 5 or more years in professional information systems security, control, or auditing.

●     With time, you need to maintain your certification by paying specific maintenance fees and fulfilling some CPE requirements.

1-    Passing the CISA Exam

To pass the examination, you first need to register for the same. There are no prerequisites to take up this examination. Once you are done with the registration process, you can continue with the studying process. You can study from the official CISA Review Manual or opt for some CISA course.

2-    Attaining the Professional Experience

This is a challenging part of becoming CISA certified. You need to possess at least five years of professional experience in information system security, control, or auditing. One more policy is that this experience has to be gained within the five years from the date you have passed this exam, or within ten years before the application date of the exam.

3-    CISA Waivers and Exemptions

Your work experience to become CISA certified could be substituted with the help of certain degrees, experience in other related fields, or even other certifications.

4-    Maintain Your Certification

You can maintain your CISA credentials by paying the maintenance fees and also fulfil the CPE (Code of Professional Ethics) requirements. Other than that, you need to have at least 20 contact hours for every year, and 120 contact hours within a fixed period of 3 years. You need to abide by the rules set forth by the Code of Professional Ethics that is pretty much based on common sense.

CISA Certification will highlight your skills and knowledge and add credibility to the skills that you possess. Hiring managers would certainly prefer hiring a CISA certified professional than a non-certified one.

5 must-have items every woman should have

linnen pants

Ask every woman what one item should be in your wardrobe, I believe a single one of them would tell you – a little black dress. But how often do you need a little black dress? Most of the time we spend at work or at home. This list will be for those workabees that need comfort and style. 

A White Dress Shirt or basic white T-shirt

White color is like a blank slate and it goes perfectly with everything. White color also has a calming effect on people, so if you have to manage some complicated people or situation, remember to wear white shirt for extra help. 

Good quality white dress shirt or basic white t-shirt will help you make your morning routine easier. Well known fact that a lot of successful people reduce their everyday clothing down to 1 or 2 outfits to avoid decision fatigue. The less time you spend deciding on what to wear every morning, the more time and energy you will have creating your life.

Classic blue jeans

This one never gets old and never will go out of fashion. A nice pair of jeans looks great on anyone and they last long. The most important thing to remember is that you have to choose a pair of jeans that fits you well and accentuates your curves perfectly, and hides what should be hidden. 

Jeans match or go with anything. White T-shirt or white dress shirt looks great with it. This combo is best for times, then you have to decide on-the-go what to wear. Keep calm and wear jeans!

Linen pants

Linen pants are the best choice for hot weather or then you want to look more sophisticated. First of all, all natural linen pants are breathable, lightweight and durable. Also you can choose from a huge variety of styles and colors, to match your wardrobe. 

The most important part of wearing linen pants, that it allows air-circulation. It keeps your body cool and fresh. Also, as for women, these pants give the feeling of freedom and sense of creativity and ease.

A Perfect Black Blazer

It is one the most essential pieces for your wardrobe. A well-tailored blazer can be fitted with dress, classical blue jeans, skirt or some fancy pants. Good quality black blazers are able to take on any form and look good for every occasion. It is versatile, statement-making, and timeless.

This addition to your wardrobe can also elevate your confidence and reduce the decision fatigue, then you are on the run to some important meeting. Look good and use your energy to elevate your life! 

Black Pumps or black loafers

Oh well, it depends what kind of statement you want to make. Good quality black pumps or loafers will fit any pants, dress or skirt of your choosing. Some say that you can tell a person from their shoes, so buy good quality shoes and treat them well. 

For days then you have to be on foot, I recommend loafers. It would give you ease and feet will thank you at the end of the day. Black pumps would elevate your confidence and posture, so use it then you need some extra help or you want to make a statement.  

In the end, simplify, simplify and simplify. The less time you have to choose what to wear, the more time you will have for important things – your family and your dreams. 

What is fish finder and how it can help with fishing?

Lowrance fish finder

When it comes to hobbies, fishing is one that requires patience and concentration, though many enthusiasts would agree that the wait is certainly worth it, as it is quite the rewarding activity as well. 

However, sometimes things just don’t go the way they should. Even if you do have the right lure set up, the best rod suited for your fishing style, no matter what you do, the prey just doesn’t bite, leaving a feeling of frustration for many of us.

Today I’m gonna talk about a product which can make you enjoy your favorite leisure activity even more – Lowrance fish finder

First of all, what are fish finders?

The concept of a fish finder is very easy to understand. As experts would tell you, it is a high-frequency sonar device which helps a person using it, locate fish when out on a fishing trip. 

By transmitting a sound wave downwards towards the ocean or lake floor, it is able to pick up its echo from schools of fish that are passing by, also indicating the distance from the ship to the fish.

The most popular two finder types are simple echo sounders which send a signal and can give basic information back to the fishers, or more complex variants which can send in multiple directions and provide data about the fish which is much more in-depth.

Probably the easiest fish finder to use out there – Lowrence HOOK2-4X GPS Fishfinder

I want to talk about why I think this is one of the best fish finders to use out there, especially for those that have never used one before. 

First of all, the Lowrence HOOK2-4x GPS offers very simple to use and easy to understand menus, which allow easy access to its key functions. Made by the respected and proven Lowrence brand, the HOOK2 4x also features wide-angle sonar coverage with a simple GPS plotter to top it all off. 

Just fire it up and fish.

Is it really that simple? The answer is yes, it is. This fish finder offers state-of-the-art fish tracking technology with the help of their sonar, which is smart enough to adjust itself if weather conditions change during your fishing trip.

Complicated buttons and constant device adjustments are things of the past. No more hassle when trying to set up the equipment you bought for your favorite hobby. Like I said, you can simply turn the device on and focus on the fishing, while the device does all the hard work for you.

Another thing which separates the product from its competition is the way it is designed. Namely, its anglers. Wide anglers like the one on this device, help fishers cover much more ground than the average fish finder and locate schools much more easily.

Finally, there’s the GPS plotter which is also worth a mention. With it, you can easily save your waypoints, follow the trails and save routes to your favorite fishing spots. All of this with the few clicks of a button.

All in all

Today I’ve talked about fish finders and how they can help you out on your fishing trips. Indeed, it is a wonderful device which can bring even more joy to your favorite activity. So, the next time you jump aboard a boat, make sure that you have a fish finder like the one I’ve talked about  in your tool arsenal.

What is Link building?

what is link building

Link building is one of the most common practices in SEO. Not only is it effective, it helps website owners get valuable results very quickly either for themselves or their clients.

In the eyes of the big search engines like Google, Bing or Yandex such methodology is viewed very positively, as a way of showcasing the trustworthiness of a website.

In this article, I will talk about the essence of link building – what it is, how it helps websites and some of the most common methods in creating links for your website.

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What is link building in SEO?

Link building, in the world of SEO, refers to the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.

For example, you write a really cool article about your niche and include a link back to your business. You then send it to a website that specializes in publishing articles on various topics and has a consistent reader base.

When people click on your article, not only do they get an interesting read on something, there’s a link back to your site which they can use to purchase a product or service.

This is just one of many examples in link-building that people use.

Search engines pick up these relationships among websites, by understanding the links that are coming in and out of them. The website that has many valuable connections on the net will be viewed as trustworthy and valuable in the eyes of Google.

Ultimately, this is what each SEO strategy is trying to achieve. It takes much practice to fully master the art of link-building, however, with careful precision, one can learn how to build links the proper way.

Why link building is important in SEO

Back in the day, it was much easier to rank high in Google. The more stuff you have written down in your blog post that’s on topic (that’s directly related to the theme), the higher you rank on search engines.

Later on, the algorithm got a bit more complicated as Google started to take in more factors into consideration for its search results. These things included not only the direct meaning of a post, but the overall content quality of a website, its security, trustworthiness and value.

One the things that began to play a major role in determining a website’s trustworthiness was its links. Nowadays, you have to be very careful when building links, as search engines accent the aspect of quality over quantity more than ever.

To building a profile of quality links there are a few guidelines you have to focus on:

  • Variety – Google and other search engines value a website that gets quoted and linked back to from a variety of websites. If you write a quality article on something, let’s say, tech-related and many people start using it as a source, this will be a signal for Google that your website is indeed worthy of ranking high.
  • Quality – Next thing that matters in building links are their quality. What do I mean by quality links? Reputable websites. Let’s take the same example with an article on technology. Let’s say you get a link back to your site from The Guardian, The BBC, Joe’s and Mary’s blogs. The more valuable links from these 4 are quite obvious. Google recognizes big websites and getting links from them to your site is much more important than a mediocre resource.
  • Social media mentions – social media plays an increasingly important role in online business and the same applies with the practice of link building. Getting a natural mention from someone and being active on your Facebook page yourself will do wonders for your SEO.

This is just the essentials of course, it gets much more intricate than that. Anyway, here’s some tips on how to get links for your website.

Some tips for getting links for your website

There are a variety of way to get quality links to your website and you have to apply a strategy that best fits your business and the overall situation of your resources.

I did mention the major news sites like BBC and The Guardian in my examples above, however, there’s a big chance you won’t have the opportunity to build a link to your website from such major internet resources.

Most likely, you’ll have to settle for smaller internet resources at the start. Regardless, its important to carry out a great strategy to build the links on your website. Some niches are more competitive than others and may require a more aggressive methodology than elsewhere.

Some business spheres are quite new, meaning there’s a higher chance that the audience there will be much more active on the internet than others.

I think the most effective way to get a link from another website back to your website is to create a valuable asset that would interest readers and other websites as well.

This can be a piece of content that you will publish on your website that others might use as a source or sent directly for publishing to another party.

This can be something like:

  • An image
  • An image gallery
  • A guide
  • A video
  • An infographic of data and so on.

Think of what your business is all about. Hell, if you’re a restaurant or something, you may want to include some easy-to-make recipes on your website as well.

Search engines appreciate value, so create value for yourself and others. The links will come naturally.

All in all,

I gave my take on the practice of link building in SEO. In order to develop a successful strategy in this regard, one must focus on creating great content that both readers and robots will appreciate.

A great profile of links will really make a difference in your rankings.

What is Malware?

what is malware

Malware – are various types of apps and programs which are designed to steal a website’s data, damage it or just cause chaos in general. In other words, they’re malicious software.

Everything from viruses to programs such as spyware or ransomware could be considered as malware. The whole purpose of such programs is to help the party that launched it, to reach its malicious goals. Well, most of the time they’re malicious, anyway.

In this article, I want to talk about malware, its types, usage purposes and how to protect yourself and your resources.

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Why would anyone develop a malicious program?

Well, they’re mostly the work of hackers that are looking to make some money – either by developing and selling it to others or by launching attacks on users themselves.

There are some alternative uses for malware as well, however. Some programs may be developed to attack a website on purpose and to test its security measures, just for the sake of improving its security down the road.

Other usages can even reach new extremes such as government attacks or even used as weapons in a cyberwar.

No matter the intention of its creators, your best interest as a web developer or owner should be to protect your website from malware.

Types of malware. How do such programs affect your website or computer?

Believe it or not, malware isn’t a single type of program that can infect your important resources. Depending on its purpose, terms to describe them also differ. You should be wary of all of them, if you want to protect yourself.

  • Viruses – just like their biological counterparts – their function is to attach themselves to clean websites or computer files and to infect them. Without prevention or control, they can spread like wildfire and before you can properly react, damage, delete or corrupt your important core files. Often, they mask themselves as .exe or executable files.
  • Trojans – trojan programs once again take their name from real life events. This time, the myth of Troy. These types of malicious programs disguise themselves as perfectly legal and safe ones: cache cleaners, antivirus programs, basically anything you can think of that would otherwise serve a good purpose. They’re usually hidden somewhere in the files of the legitimate software, or something else you’ve downloaded. Their main goal is to create a backdoor in your website’s or computers security for other parties to reach.
  • Spyware – again, a pretty self-explanatory name here. The goal of such a program is to spy on you. This includes taking records of your passwords, browsing habits, credit card details and so on. Again, such software can either hide itself as legitimate, or be installed completely in the background without you even noticing. They usually run in the background as well, so taking notice of them might be even more difficult.
  • Ransomware – what does a malware program have to do with ransom? Well, the reasoning for such a name is quite simple – this type of virus locks down either your computer or important business files and threatens to erase everything unless you pay ransom to the hackers. Yes, such things can and do happen, people receive threats from malicious software and are locked out of their own stuff.
  • Adware – this type of malware is the least harmful of the bunch, at least by principle. The main goal of it is to simply advertise some sort of products, but do so very aggressively. Sometimes, even at the cost of your PCs security. It might try to attack and penetrate firewalls on your computer or website and other layers of security, even leaving a backdoor for other, more harmful forms of malware. So, it’s still pretty dangerous.

How to protect your network from malware

The best safeguard against malware, in my opinion (and many will agree) is to simply avoid it and prevent it from getting on your computer in the first place.

Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when trying to avoid malware.

  • Avoid suspicious strangers – arguably the No.1 way used to deliver malware to a computer and to infect an online network is by trying to trick users into downloads through various means – spam emails, fake online profiles, strange links, etc. If you are browsing online and are met with links that are questionable in nature, simply avoid it. There’s no better method, than to be aware of potentially malicious resources online.
  • Check what you’re downloading – another common method through which malicious software spreads are downloads through untrustworthy websites. If you’re looking to download a movie or musical album for free, for example (we all did at some point), there’s a high chance that malware is hidden within the pirated stuff you’re trying to download. So, before proceeding make sure that you’re not downloading anything extra along with the movie or something.
  • Use an adblocker – yes, a simple plugin as an adblocker can really do wonders for a user. Banners that are infected with malware are getting a more common sight by the day on the internet. That, and the fact that such banners might encourage the more naive users to download questionable stuff is how malware also spreads to computers. So, it’s best to just not to see these types of scams on the internet. I really recommend using “Adblock Plus”, which is the most popular and arguably the best adblock plugin for browsers out there.
  • Be careful what you visit – finally, there’s the simple practice of avoiding websites that are questionable in nature. Malware infected websites usually have poor security measures and your browser itself might even warn you of the potential dangers of proceeding to such a website. Stick to trustworthy sites and you’ll avoid any problems.

All in all,

In this article I’ve tried to encapsulate the essence of talking about malware and malicious programs, its types, potential dangers and what methods to use in order to protect yourself.

I truly believe, that if you implement such simple safeguard habits into your casual browsing, that you will have no problems with malware in the future.

What is project free tv?

Project Free TV was a platform which allowed users to enjoy a variety of the most popular movies and TV shows completely free of charge. Despite its questionable nature, it quickly became one of the most popular and enjoyable platforms to use on the web, for those who want to enjoy their favorite content.

The site itself, while not hosting anything by itself, linked users to other websites hosting movies and TV shows. So, is it considered piracy? Well, that question is up for debate and I by no means have the authority to answer it.

Instead, in this article I’m gonna talk more about the Project Free TV platform itself and what made it such a global phenomenon to begin with.

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Why was Project Free TV was so popular in the first place?

Believe it or not, there was a time where the internet was more like the wild west then what it is now – well organized and structured. Instead of things like Netflix, Prime and Hulu you had to make thorough research on where to find things to watch.

Project Free TV was one of the first websites that offered users an organized and user-friendly platform where they can search for and stream their favorite TV shows and movies all while not requiring you to spend a single cent.

Main reasons why Project Free TV became what it was

Despite what some may think of its nature, I really think Project Free TV was a great streaming service, especially considering the fact that everything was free.

Anyway, here are the reasons (in my opinion) what made Project Free TV so special for its users.

User-friendliness – one of the most signatures features of Project Free TV was the fact that was built with users in mind. This was evident from their great menu and easy search options by title, genre, length and so on. Whatever they had available, it was easily reachable with a few clicks of a button.

Great quality – another thing which they offered their users is Ultra HD quality for their streams. Many clone websites of it, barely offer movies in Youtube video quality, heck, not even Prime or Netflix has all of their content in 1080p quality currently. Project Free TV offered their users such luxury years back.

Vastness of content – another thing which amazed me when used it back in the day was the sheer amount of content on the site. Anything from the latest and most popular TV shows and movies, to true Hollywood classics, all of these goodies available for stream, completely free of charge.

Streams for free – save the best for last they say. Well, of the greatness described above came completely for free within this platform. An easy to search platform that has tons of content in great quality, what’s there not to like? That was the beauty of Project Free TV.

What’s the future of free streaming services?

While it’s difficult to say for sure, I honestly believe that watching various shows for free online will become an even more troublesome task in the nearby future.

As companies like Netflix or Amazon not only begin to host the majority of mainstream content on their platforms online, they are also heavily involved in creating their own originals, many of which become huge hits among the public.

Considering that the two main sources of free streaming online – links to online websites (many of which are filled with TONS of ads) as well as torrents that are getting more and more hunted down by government organizations for piracy, I really doubt such a way of content consumption can survive any longer.

It’s much easier to just pay 10$/month and have a great platform like Netflix offering you a user-friendly way to enjoy everything you like so much.

Still, even these platforms don’t have everything on them, so before purchasing a membership make sure that you get access to what YOU want to watch.

As for Project Free TV, it was wonderful while it lasted, however its end was inevitable. While many clones of it exist, none of them capture the same magic of a free streaming platform.

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How is the Agriculture Industry Changing?

The world is evolving at a face pace and with each passing day, new advancements in technology are replacing the older methods. Everything is done in a more robust and productive environment as the advancement in various fields of technologies has led to the invention of a large pool of intelligent machines and processes. Like every other field of life, the agriculture industry has also evolved over the last years.

The crop production has immensely increased and some constraints like temperature, weather conditions, etc which limited the growth of certain crops during some seasons are being removed with the invention of new techniques. Nowadays, artificial temperature-controlled environments can be built for the crop to grow and all these revolutionary inventions are proving to be extremely helpful in meeting the growing food demands of the world’s population like huge demand for wheat, rice, vegetables, and fruits. Our body structure is complex, and that structure requires food means enough minerals, proteins, and vitamins to work perfectly.

New technologies that have changed the Agriculture industry

Some of the new technology trends which have transformed the agriculture business over the past few tears are mentioned below:


We can view and monitor the demographics and details of our vehicles operating at our farms and keep track of their fuel levels, the amount of product applied, the area of crop harvested and identify risks related to our equipment.

Soil and crop sensors

The artificially intelligent sensors designed in the modern era are extremely helpful in determining the health of our crops and they also give you real-time data on the current water levels and other statistics related to the health of your crops. Companies like FarmTrace are playing a big role in the continuous change in agriculture industry worldwide. The quality of soil and its features can also be determined with the help of these sensors and all his information can be utilized to improve crop health and productivity.

BUS technology 

The Bus technology contains a virtual terminal screen connected to a binary unit system(BUS) and it can be utilized to control and monitor the machinery being operated at the plant.


The farmers and agricultural specialists are working tirelessly in laboratories across the globe to develop new biologicals equipped with growth enhancements and pest control properties

Hyper precision

The agricultural equipment and technologies are becoming more precise with each passing day and the era of hyper precision has arrived. The navigation systems and intelligent controls of the equipment help us in the precise application od seeds and fertilizers in less time.

Automation of grain off-loading

The loading and off-loading of crops and grains used to be a hectic and time-consuming process that required a number of people as well. But the invention of modern navigation systems has made it easier as well. The carts are handled by navigation systems and the machinery is easily controlled to harvest crops in a minimum amount of time.

Impact of technology on Agriculture 

The positive impact of utilizing the latest technology in the field of agriculture is obvious and it has resulted in:

  • Enhanced crop productivity
  • Minimal use of water, pesticides, and fertilizer which results in less cost
  • Less impact on the natural ecosystem
  • Little to no disposal of harmful chemicals into groundwater and rivers
  • Enhanced safety for workers

How COVID-19 Has Affected Search Traffic And Ways To Respond To It

Everyone is talking about the effect of Coronavirus on the world presently and near the future. So, it is quite justified to ask, “How coronavirus has influenced the search engine traffic?” and “what does metric say about this?” It’s the right time to dive into the detail and come to know how businesses are suffering from Coronavirus and what the possible precautions to help them cure are.

Are you ready to fight against the global pandemic with a comprehensive precautionary strategy to deal with the decreasing search traffic? Let’s start now!

Ways to mitigate the negative impact of Coronavirus on search traffic

Nevertheless, the growing concerns of the pandemic have shaped the customers’ behaviors significantly. It is owing to the reason because people are restricted to their homes where they only want to fulfill their basic requirements for life.

The behavior is not only the outcome of psychological impact, but people are also limiting their expenditure to save money for the rainy days. So, low searches for your brand is a reality. Let’s gauge the impact and ways to manage it:

Online grocery stores searches have increased

Consider the present scenario, the business having an online grocery store and other amenities have experienced growth. Not only this, but the ecommerce website has also seen a significant surge in the traffic. The people usually look for thermometers, hand sanitizers, toilet papers, and other products useful during the time of the pandemic.

On the other hand, luxury products have seen a significant drop in the searches. It is apparent people are no longer interested in cosmetics and other things. Even the businesses dealing in the travel industry have seen a decrease in online searches.

Quick tips to respond:

The demand for products has not decreased, but it has shifted to the essential things. Therefore, businesses should consider initiating product offerings of the most demanded things. Also, you can use the free keyword research tools to respond to the frequently searched queries effectively. Here are the tips for doing this:

  • Consider your business niche to relate your products with the demand
  • Add special product categories with hand sanitizers and other essentials.
  • Think of the ways how your business can help people survive
  • Help people by initiating corporate social responsibility

Increased searches for healthcare websites

The website of hospitals, medicines, and wellness centers are frequently searching in the nuke and corner of the world. It is owing to the reason because people want to stay updated with recent breakthroughs in the health industry.  Most of the people look for precautionary instructions to stay away from the Coronavirus.

The most searched query is “symptoms of coronavirus” or “antiviral diet” over the internet. In this way, growth in search traffic has been seen for the health and wellness website. It’s a good thing for the people dealing in the healthcare and medicine industry.  But it has also created competition in the health sector!

Quick tips to respond

It is the best time for healthcare companies to make a positive impression on the mind of the people. The ways you choose will define who you are going to be in the post-COVID-19 period. Make a wise selection of helping people besides just generating a business. Consider the below tips:

  • Show responsibility while dealing with the queries of the people
  • Provide essential precautionary measure information on your website
  • Engage people in a friendly way through FAQs to create a positive impact
  • Come up with an SEO strategy to beat the competition using proven techniques

Low searches for tourism and hospitality

The pandemic has adversely impacted the business of travel and tourism.  The reason is quite obvious, flights are stopped, borders are closed, and no one is welcomed anywhere. So, why people will search for travel?  Therefore, the websites for travel packages, flight bookings, and hotel management businesses are experiencing the worse. Although the time is tough, but doesn’t lose all your hopes yet!

It is because eventually, things are going to get healthy as before. The people who are living a restricted life will crave to fly the world. It will open hundreds of business opportunities for travel agents and holiday tour providers. But you have to prepare for that surge, and this is the right time to do it.

Quick Tips to Respond

If people are not searching for you, it doesn’t mean that you are free to disappear all of a sudden. You should figure out the ways to get noticed by the people by hook or crook. Do the given:

  • Figure out the people stuck at the airports and help them
  • Keep people informed by publishing information about pandemic
  • Collect data of Coronavirus surged areas and alarm people
  • Optimize your website using the most searched queries about travel

Keynote: Stay ready to deal with search traffic fluctuations

Summing up, Coronavirus is working like the Elsa from the frozen movie who had turned everything into ice. Isn’t that? You can see, the people are sitting at their homes waiting for the ice to melt – so they can get back to normal life.  Businesses have seen a significant shift in the consumers’ behaviors, while the fluctuations in the searches are volatile. It means that no one can predict about the search results for any business.

The current time is unclear, but it will not remain the same. So, you should be prepared for the best times to come. Meanwhile, your content is the king as you can reach your targeted audience empathetically using the information provided on your business resources online. Stay prepared by getting the best SEO company in Dubai to your side for monitoring search traffic, gauging users’ intent, and providing you the required content. It will help you to create a benchmark for success in the future.

Stay home to stay safe with a working strategy for getting searched frequently!

What is wordpress? 3 reasons why you should use it

WordPress is a Content Management System, otherwise simply known as a CMS, which allows a user to create and manage their personal website with a few simple clicks. It is by far the most popular system for web-making out there, powering a total of 35% of all websites on the internet.

Those numbers are indeed impressive, and today I want to talk more about WordPress and its benefits for those looking to create a simple, yet effective website for their business. How can a simple platform like this, power websites for sites like NBC news, Sony, the New York Times, etc?

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Well, let’s find out by discussing a few of the most popular WordPress features offered to the user..

Main benefits of WordPress

WordPress websites are SEO-friendly

If you want to rank high with your business website. There isn’t a better option than WordPress, simple as that. Google and other search engines really appreciate the easiness to scan and understand the content of a WP website, compared to other CMS alternatives, which may not be programmed the same way.

Another and perhaps, the most important thing is the fact that WordPress is constantly updated, along with the many plugins and tools that come with it. This one of the key factors for rankings towards the top for a keyword – not only is it important to create relevant content, but to keep up with the latest security protocols online and other technical aspects.

WordPress sites are mobile-ready

Another thing that is very important for search engines nowadays – a website’s mobile readiness, also known as mobile responsiveness. In simple terms, the site has to be adapted well for mobile use if you want to rank high. With WordPress you won’t have any headaches of trying to make your blog or business site doing great on these types of devices.

Just prepare some good content and a basic structure and you’re pretty much ready to go, since the environment is already ready for mobile users.

WordPress is flexible in terms of functionality

Not only do you get the ability to create very basic websites, you can add plenty of more functionality in accordance with your needs. That is one of the beauties of this CMS – huge flexibility for different purpose websites.

Just go into the plugin section/marketplace for WP and you’ll see for yourself. Feel like you need a Contact Form for leads, a neat image gallery or a shopping cart? 

You can do that by adding a few of these addons to your website. Whether their free simple plugins, or more complex stuff that you have to pay for, you can basically add and remove anything at will, even after your website grows and expands.

All in all,

In this article, I’ve mentioned the 3 main reasons for why every business and blog-type website owner should be using a website. 

Not only does it help you rank high on Google, it has great functionality and can be used as a means for mobile customer engagement, since it’s very adaptive for mobile devices, and that’s why it’s so great.

The Year of AI: Keep an Eye Out For These Revolutionary AI Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Neural Networks, Bots, Deepfakes, Computer Vision, Facial Recognition, and all the other elements associated with the world of AI has swept us up in a furor of tide, and have changed our lives irrevocably.

The changes, though have been diverging. Some range in undermining of security, freedom, and privacy while others contribute to unparalleled wonders across various industries such as healthcare, security, education, marketing, and more.

The concept of computer programs without supervision learning, improving, and making decisions on their own was the stuff of fantasies a few decades ago. Now, their processes are imbued in every aspect of our lives.

As the AI continues to alter and improve at an exponential rate, it also necessitates the assessment of its impact on our lives, across industries and countries.

So here are the six trends that everyone should look out for in 2020:


  • AI in Education


AI may have an involvement in developing tools for education, simplifying administrative tasks, creating smart content, personalizing learning, surpassing state boundaries, and a lot more. However, do our students, the people whose lives are impacted by AI, even know the basics of the said technology?

Most citizens have no idea of the consequences of this tech and aren’t even marginally equipped to participate in AI-related debates. Sure, AI-related information is at the tips of their fingers over the web, but not everyone is blessed with a high-speed internet such as Spectrum internet to freely surf the web and some are just not interested in it. We need AI subjects inculcated in our curricula.

2020 is, however, already changing that as EU AI experts call out for AI education for everyone. The government of Finland has started an initiative to teach 1% of its population regarding the fundamentals of AI.


  • The inception of AI-related Laws


The aftermath of the 2016 elections showed the idea of AI possessing the power of manipulating their perception and decisions was dangerous. It was a huge wakeup call to lawmakers to take action and curb any such future instances.

Many state laws have since popped up to safeguard the interests of the public. For example, the California state established the bots disclosure law that requires social networks to enforce a bot disclosure policy on companies operating on their platform, so the individuals would know whether they are interacting with an automated bot or a human.

Meanwhile, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) revealed a draft report for the purpose of instituting AI standards, which could foster public trust in AI technology.

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  • Optimizing Healthcare Resources and a Weapon Against Pandemic


AI has been quite monumental in transforming the healthcare industry. It’s not only contributing towards streamlining workflows for patients and healthcare workers, but is attempting to reduce costs via its capability for obtaining data from multiple locations and resources, then interpreting, and analyzing it quickly and meaningfully.

This ability may not be confined to enhancing healthcare procedures such as automated reporting, scheduling, allocation of resources, equipment utilization, etc, but the computer program may be our only chance at dealing with deadly outbreaks plaguing the entire globe 2020 maybe the game-changer, as healthcare professionals and computer scientists alike race to contain the COVID-19.


  • AI Requiring Less Data


AI-ML subsets, involving deep learning require a ginormous amount of data for training so it could be more precise in its results. However, apart from the big five that are Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook, most companies find it challenging to obtain the right type of data for functioning, and that too in massive volumes.

Data-synthesis could be the elixir to AI’s thirst for data and the data challenges encountered by companies. Companies are testing varying data-synthesis methodologies in order to create new data via the existing one, which makes the chore of collecting massive levels of real-world data redundant.

In the arena of generative adversarial networks (GAN), there have been improvements in data synthesis and many areas have succeeded in the process.

Automotive companies found that collection of real-time driver data was an immense obstruction to their ambition for personalized driver experience, but courtesy of synthesizing data, the industry continues to develop highly advanced customized driving features.


  • Well-Developed Neural Networks 


Neural networks have become more advanced in depth and proportions and along with them, their methodologies and the concomitant efficacy. Neural network algorithms will soon process information and deliver results so accurately akin to that of the human brain

Deepfakes are coming up with increasingly realistic replication of voice, faces, videos, photos, and texts, giving rise to a wave of fake news across social networking platforms.

Grover, a detection system by the Allen Institute, have been much accurate in detecting deep fake content. However, these tools still have a perpetual battle on their hands as the generative adversarial networks develop deep fake content at a much faster pace than their countering tools.

As 2020 elections loom ahead, the law agencies will race to produce and deliver fake news countering mechanisms along with added scrutiny on the bias and reliability of the AI.


  •  Top-Notch Security


Cybersecurity has faced more threats in recent years by the sophistication, reach, and influence of their cyber adversaries backed with AI.  Juniper Research reported that the AI-powered cyberattacks might cost industries $5 trillion by 2024.

To fight back, we will see more organizations adopting AI-backed security software. Machine Learning is not only good at spotting discrepancies in data quickly but also predicting attacks with greater accuracy. Hence, the security will be more proactive rather than reactive.

Facial detection technology is inducted in most biometric authentication systems, as the AI software creates facial models via assessing correlations and key pattern’s in the target subject’s face, while also considering different backgrounds, lightings, hairstyles, and accessories. Thus, lowering the chances of breaches in biometric authentication.

Moreover, the AI has become more responsive in dealing with phishing attacks as it picks up, tracks and cracks down on more than 10,000 active phishing sources across the globe.

To Wrap it All Up

2020 is indeed the year of AI as we see technology working and transforming lives across the globe, some good and some for the worse, depending on their instigator.

As the year rolls on, we may find AI infused in our school syllabuses, combating the novel coronavirus outbreak, enhancing security for the government and companies, more deepfakes distorting political perspectives and their detection tools, and finally, deep learning becoming more accurate with fewer data.

Author Bio

When you love what you do, you don’t work, you have fun, which is why even after 8 years in business, I wake up excited every day. A writer by passion and a digital marketer at heart, my sole purpose is to create and help businesses achieve their full potential. When I am not living the dream, you can find me binge-watching a season with my Spectrum Internet. Or I am hanging out with my friends (which I have aplenty)

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