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BTX – New DeFi Platform To Build High Profits

BTX is a decentralized digital asset service network based on the ETH micro-services framework, which uses the Ethereum EcoSystem to develop a blockchain cross- chain interaction protocol. The aim is to break the isolated blockchain value and establish a cross-chain asset exchange network to provide all the necessary underlying support for the Defi application ecosystem. Let every digital asset holder experiences a truly secure, free and transparent Defi application service with BTX Crypto Community.

Although you have probably heard that some traders are making incredible profits by trading DeFi and other promising coins, it’s important to understand that identifying profitable cryptocurrencies and capitalizing on opportunities is a learned skill.

By performing fundamental analysis, you can find out whether a cryptocurrency has the right attributes needed to achieve success over your desired investment timeframe.

This means looking into the project’s BTX (Coming Soon), team experience, partnerships and roadmap, market sentiment, and more to see whether it is undervalued, overvalued, or just right.

If the project is overvalued or undervalued, then performing technical analyses can help to determine an optimal entry point to either go long (on undervalued assets) or short (overvalued assets).

One of the simplest ways to spot profitable market setups is with a market tracking platform like BTX, which has a range of tools and indicators—including predefined charts for a range of cryptocurrencies, performance indicators, and a simple coin calendar of important upcoming events.

BTX will also be adding its own DeFi tracker soon, allowing traders to easily keep tabs on promising projects.

These features can be used to perform your own market analyses to help easily spot opportunities less well-equipped traders would likely miss.



BTX started to take himself more seriously, the team behind him started brainstorming what it should achieve. It became clear that the ideology behind BTX had to be simple; to create a user-friendly cryptocurrency, not something technologically impressive. We believe that the most important thing for a cryptocurrency is to be able to process payments in education and raw materials.


Why BTX?

There is no limit on buying, selling of the token. our community can used soon this token for online Education and shopping portal.

  • No control of any organization or person.
  • You can use BTX instead of Fiat Currency USD and Euro for online purchase
  • You can Reffer to your friends , relatives and earn unlimitted BTX token.
  • You should hold BTX long time and get huge profit.
  • Fully decentralized hence most reliable.
  • Peer to Peer transfer
  • BTX will open soon Such technology who facilitate online Education & online shopping etc.

BTX Accuracy and Transparency

The sheer number of middlemen and intermediate layers involved in the execution of a traditional contract slows the process, often taking days or even weeks.

Smart contracts can take just minutes, as they are automated and programmable, running on a computer under predefined conditions. There are no third parties involved.

BTX Security

Security is maintained through cryptography, public key, and private keys when using smart contracts.

Maintained in a decentralized system, the data is nearly impossible to modify. Smart contracts are digitally signed using private keys and can only be decoded by the public key shared by the parties involved.


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Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Increase Traffic

Optimizing web pages and websites is very essential for it will affect a good number of visitors to your site. Optimizing means improving a particular web page or website. This is done by improving the quality of content, title, and appearance of the site. It also involves several other on-page search engine optimization techniques.

On-Page Optimization

There are several on-page optimization methods implemented on a website. These include meta tags, keywords, keyword density, title tags, headers, titles, alternate image texts, image alt text, content keywords, page titles, descriptions, page names, and file names. Keywords are an important on-page optimization technique used to increase a website’s or page traffic. These keywords should be used appropriately as they are crawled by search engines and need to be closely related to the topic of your website or article.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Make More Money

Search engine optimization techniques are used to improve traffic to your site. This improves a website’s chances of being ranked highly by search engines. This will ultimately increase a website’s sales and therefore contribute to your bottom line. Search engines use a special algorithm to rank pages, therefore improving its rankings will increase your sales.

Article Marketing

High-quality content articles have been proven to greatly contribute to search engine optimization techniques. This helps increase your credibility, brand image, and overall presence. To create high-quality content, research is necessary, and you should outsource this task as much as possible. However, the results will be worth it as your articles will be full of relevant keywords and consequently high in the rankings of search engines.


A major part of search engine optimization techniques is having high-quality links. Backlinks are incoming links from other websites that link to yours. This is done by submitting your page to numerous directories. The more backlinks you have to your site, the higher in the rankings you will appear on search engines. Article submissions, directory submissions, social bookmarking, and video submissions all contribute to backlinks & there are many other types of backlinks techniques you should avoid.

Using Keyword Suggestion Software

It is also an important part of search engine optimization techniques. Keyword suggestion software has the ability to scan the internet looking for keywords that are relevant to your page and place them in the text within your page. This gives your page more credibility and helps in increasing your page ranks. Using keywords can greatly help in getting high search engine rankings. Submitting your page to several directories can greatly increase your page rankings as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ocean Freight Shipping

Whenever it comes to the transportation of goods, there are three major ways used worldwide, shipping Cargo, Air Cargo, and Rail cargo. Though all of them are being used for a long time and each one has its own specialties, however today we’re gonna talk about both sides i.e. the good and the bad of the most ancient method of goods transport, “the Ocean Freight.”

Long before, when planes and trains never existed, the only method of trading was the sea. Shipping has been used for over centuries and till now, most people prefer this method due to many reasons. However, apart from being the most ancient and trusty technique, several drawbacks also exist, and we’re gonna put light on these disadvantages along with the advantages so that you can make your decision of choosing it without any confusion, so let’s begin:



Regardless of the size and number of your goods, the ocean freight offered by all the shipping companies is comparatively cheap and affordable. The prices of shipping cargo in every country are quite reasonable as compared to the other means.


You may know that rails and airplanes consume a high quantity of fuel thus leaving really large carbon footprints behind which is not good for the environment at all. However, shipping freight does not show this behavior and is quite eco-friendly due to the fact that it uses far less amount of fuel as compared to the latter.

Suitable for Bulky Things

While planes and trains are not strong enough to carry the load of really heavy things like that of big and bulky machinery, shipping on the other hand is quite opposite. It can carry the bulkiest and biggest goods like cranes and even planes.

Low Maintenance-Cost

Another reason why the cost of shipping is lesser than any other method is that the maintenance of water transport is not much expensive and does not put a heavy load on the client’s pocket. While on the other hand, the maintenance cost of both air and road is quite expensive.

Safe and Secure

As ships are designed to carry heavy and dangerous cargo, therefore every aspect of it has been taken care of with great security. It has been made sure that all the goods are secured and well-protected so that no disaster can occur. This sense of security again makes shipping the best choice for transportation.


Not a Good Speed Rate

Apart from all the advantages, it offers you, one of the biggest drawbacks of transportation via sea is that it can take weeks or even months to deliver your cargo to its destination, this is because the speed of shipping is not good enough.

Goods are Difficult to Track

While you can keep the track of your cargo when transporting via road or air, the ships on the other and do not offer this comfort. Once loaded, you can never track your goods so you never know when they will arrive or whether if they are in good condition or not. This is one of the major reasons why most traders hesitate to transport via ocean.

Risks Involve

As your cargo is traveling in water, so there is a big risk of natural disasters involved. You can never be sure if your cargo will arrive in one piece because the weather of the ocean keeps changing every minute. And don’t forget that the sea is full of pirates who can take all your goods in their possession.

So after going through all the benefits and drawbacks of shipping, we hope that you are now able to make your decision whether you should or should go for the ocean freight.

What is Autel Evo?


Autel is a drone manufacturing company and in early 2018 they announced that they would be releasing a new drone later that year known as the Autel Evo. The drone information can easily be found on the Tech Zahr website.


Following are the detailed features and specifications of the Autel Evo.

The drone:

The Autel Evo is large and heavier it almost weighs around 1.9 pounds. Surprisingly the bundle doesn’t include a carry case but it does include a 32 GB microSD card, it is easy to remove and load a card from the right side of the drone. The build of the drone is very solid. The folding and unfolding are secure and the legs don’t cross one another.

The controller:

The controller of the Autel Evo is very advanced as it doesn’t require the use of a smartphone as it can display the image on the controller. This is a great feature as the smartphone can usually become a source of disconnection, lag, and instability. Also, some older phones don’t have enough battery to run the flight app. But the option to attach the smartphone is still there, in this case, the controller’s screen becomes a secondary display to indicate information such as battery life.


The charger can charge both the drone and the controller at the same time. It takes about 60 to 80 minutes to charge, there are 4 led lights which indicate the battery levels remaining. They also sell additional battery for 85$.

Flight performance:

The flight performance of the Autel Evo is not that great as the drone tends to be unstable in the air. The ascent rate of the drone is also slow when applied to full throttle. It can fly in a windy situation but the stability of the frame is affected after 10mph. it also has a sports mode known as the “Ludicrous” which allows the drone to achieve the speed of 40mph.

Batter life:

The Autel Evo has a mechanism in which the drones automatically descends when the battery percentage reaches 10 percent. The biggest drawback is that Autel advertised that a 30-minute time flight can be attained but in reality it only 22 minutes, which is not promising.

Anti-collision system:

The Autel Evo is equipped with both forward and backward collision sensors. The anti-collision system is effective as it is able to detect fine foliage and tricky tree branches. It also has a mechanism in which, when past a certain point (6feet/ 2 meters) the drone will refuse to move forward and will push back. But surprisingly in the case of backward collision the sensor doesn’t prevent the collision and the pilot can still hit the obstacle.

Image quality:

Overall the image quality of the Autel Evo is good, the colors are pleasing but the footage is a bit on the soft side. As in the case of dynamic range and low-light sensitivity they are average. It comes with a 12-megapixel sensor and can shoot at 4k @ 60fps, at 100mpbs. But the biggest issue is the constant gimbal drift. This means that the horizon is always tilted and there is no amount of gimbal calibration that can fix it.


Happiness is the “secret sauce” that can help us be and do our best. Happy people get more success in life. Happiness is important for reaching your goals. “The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.” Live a calm and simple life and get happiness instead of a luxurious life full of stress and negativity.

Erin Magazine explained these simple ways to become happy.


Every single second of your life is gold. Don’t waste it on useless activities. Make a proper schedule for all of your activities. Always try to do meaningful activities. Don’t merge yourself in multi-tasks. Deal with the single task with all your efforts and proper focus.

Always keep a small notepad and a pen in your pocket, so that you may be able to note the good ideas that ever come to your mind. Get up early in the morning and do mornings exercise. Eat healthy because a healthy body has a healthy mind.


Do your work on your own, don’t depend on others. If you dream of anything then start thinking about it deeply and then create it. Surround yourself with creative people because you can’t develop your creativity when you are surrounded by those who keep on discouraging and distracting you.

Fight your fear of failure. If you have an idea in your mind then put it to work. Do your best then whatever the result is, it will be in your favor. Keep stress away from your life. Expand your comfort zone and try new things in life.


Don’t be panic that your passion should be your job. If you are passionate about sketching, bodybuilding, and many other activities you love then it’s not necessary for you to make it your profession. Instead of making it a profession, It can be your hobby.

It is important to feel motivated and inspired in your career. Doing things that you love reduces stress, lift your mood, and expand your social circle. It may also improve your health and increases quality years to your life. When work feels like play, you’re more likely to enjoy other aspects of your life better, too.


There are some relaxation techniques that help you reducing stress. These are meditation, yoga, and tai-chi for stress management. Peaceful music is also an effective way of reducing stress. Exercise plays a vital role in relaxing your body and making you happier.

Always eat healthily. If you want to reduce stress quickly then sit up straight and close your eyes. Your hand should be on your belly. Take a deep breath, Inhale through the nose, and then exhale through the mouth. Repeat this process several minutes to reduce stress quickly. Avoid stress because its continuous effects cause heart attacks, strokes, and even suicidal thoughts.


Exercising regularly keeps the persons lose weight and lower the risk of many diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and lowers the risk of high blood pressure. Exercise also keeps your body at a healthy weight and keeps you young. Exercise makes muscles strong. Muscles support your joints so strong muscles help prevent injuries.

Muscles use more energy than fat, so building your muscles will help you burn more calories and helps you maintain a healthy weight. shifted news explained exercise also makes your body flexible meaning that your muscles and joints stretch and bend easily.


Positive activities make you healthy. Always focus on good things. Start every day with a positive note and spend time with positive people. Your life depends on your thoughts. If your mind has positive thoughts then you will have a happier life. Negative thoughts will make your life worst.

Look after your mind and body. Taking care of ourselves physically and mentally can influence our happiness and makes our brain more positive. Exercise also relaxes your mind and makes it think positive.

Positive thinking changes your life. You will feel more energy in your body. You will feel healthy and your body will show faster recovery from injuries and illness. You will be able to overcome stress and depression. If you have a positive mind then you will have a longer life span.


The secret of happiness is to make everyone happy around you. Helping others is a powerful tool that boosts your happiness as well as those around us. It also makes us healthy. Helping others directly activates a brain region that has previously been linked to parental care behaviors. Giving others makes us happier than spending on ourselves.

You will get the satisfaction of bringing joy to others and their positive energy will come back to you. You can make anyone happy by smiling, help them carry something, call them just to see how they’re doing, pick the flowers, cook them a nice meal, and tell them jokes that make them laugh. Click here to read more about a happy life.

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