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Students and the Pandemic- How to Manage Health and Life Better

It’s a known fact that this year took us by surprise turning the world topsy-turvy. Initially, when the lockdown hit, getting a break from schools and colleges, movie binging, making Dalgona coffee and a hundred tries of hand-emoji challenges was all that we cared about, thinking that we had hit a jackpot.

The troubles that followed the pandemic brought immense turmoil in the world. In my opinion, one of the positives that came out of it was that we were forced to spend lots of time with our family. Movie nights and family dining at home became the norm. We had so much free time on our hands that we were practically juggling it around. We found time to think, think about ourselves, and look at our views and goals with a new perspective. During this period, we also upgraded our skills in self-study by a notch. The happiness of being locked inside the house with having nothing to do was definitely short-lived.

Soon enough, online classes started. Virtual classes that had seemed to be a boon, in the beginning, came with their own set of challenges. The adoption rates for online classes were shown to be 50-60% whereas in classrooms it had been 80-90%. Sitting in front of the screen for long hours on a daily basis had an adverse effect on the eyesight of students.

The lack of computer skills and higher workload became major obstacles and this hinders students from perceiving a higher performance while adapting to the ‘new normal’.

The pandemic has affected the entire student community but, it’s only fair to acknowledge that the students coming from economically backward sections and students from rural areas have been affected the most.

The fear of Corona, the huge downturn of the economy, and job losses accompanying it have significantly increased the anxiety in us. Students have hit peaks of anxiety, stress, and depression during the lockdown period and struggle to get through. It’s not just their mental health that has taken the toll, but being bound inside the four walls, sitting, eating and sleeping has significantly impacted their physical health.

With so much going on we’ve hit new levels of anxiousness, frustration, and not to mention, boredom.

But know this, it’s not a total gone case. There are quite a few ways worth following that can help us tackle the situation for the better.

Maintain a daily routine- sort out your day

As boring as it can get, with having nothing to do, we have to remember that we have time in our hands. The smartest way to make use of this time is to work towards making a better lifestyle and increasing your productivity. The first step towards achieving this is to set a time-table and sort your day out and try your hardest to follow it.

 Learn/develop a new skill or hobby

Find something that interests you or some skill that you think will help you in life. It can be anything like learning a new language, practicing your vocals, learning a musical instrument, painting, dancing, gardening, cooking, learning coding languages, digital marketing…anything. But make sure you enjoy what you’re learning.

Students should think about how they want their professional career to span out and upskill themselves accordingly. Upskilling will give them the edge over their peers when they enter the job market.

Eg. Students who are keen on pursuing Business Analysis as a career option can pursue entry-level certification courses aimed at freshers, like the ECBA Certification from IIBA. Their graduate degree topped with an ECBA certification gives them the perfect launchpad to enter the BA domain.

Hone your communication skills

You can start by reading books or taking online courses. Try making easy conversations with yourself. Maintain eye contact even during online meetings. Be a good listener, give others time to talk. Stay tuned to the body language. Give a gentle nod. A smile can go a long way.

Find a quiet and comfortable place to study and work.

With having the whole family at home, it tends to become quite noisy. This makes it difficult to concentrate on studying. So, it is important for us to create a quiet and comfortable study space. Pick one place at home where you want to study from and make it your very own little nook. Make sure that it has natural light, is well ventilated, and is peaceful.

Stay socially connected

Social health is all about healthy and meaningful relationships. This is a time of social distancing but it does not mean that you have to emotionally distance yourself. Stay connected with your friends and family. Make a group video call on zoom or any other platform and engage with your near and dear ones. Plan virtual movie dates, play online games as a group, do whatever takes your fancy but make sure that you’re there for each other.

Find a common ground in a community group– If you prefer keeping things low-key but like engaging with others, you can join or form a virtual community. You can find many virtual communities thanks to COVID-19. You can even make it about sharing moments with others while doing something you enjoy.

 Most importantly, take care of yourself

Being in a state of lockdown has impacted us in many ways. Make sure you take the best care of yourself. Neglecting yourself puts you at risk of burnout and stresses you out further. The only way to get through is to care for yourself, see to your own needs and those of others. Nobody can help you better than yourself. Some things that should on the top of our list are-

  • Diet and nutrition– As amazing as indulging yourself in a tub of ice-cream may seem, don’t give in to your cravings! Limit yourself to reasonable helpings. Make sure you do everything you can to avoid emotional binging. Eat healthily and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Stay active! Meditate and exercise- Even though gyms aren’t open, you can do workouts and yoga at home. This not only keeps you physically fit but helps in your mental fitness too.
  • Pamper yourself- Pamper yourself; give yourself a home-made spa-day. Make facemasks in the kitchen and give yourself a mani-pedi. These things go a long way in boosting your spirits.
  • Adequate sleep- Make sure your sleeping routine is at its best and get a full 7-9 hours of sleep. Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy and wise.
  • Healthcare maintenance- If you have medications prescribed to you by a medical professional make sure you take them as directed and make sure you ring them up for any queries.


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Find ways to cope with stress and anxiety

The first thing you need to do at times like these is clear your head and stay positive. Don’t let tensions, frustrations, and fear breed in your mind. Make sure you talk to someone. Confide in someone you trust. Try penning down your thoughts, keep a journal, try meditation. Basically, try every means that calms your mind.

Last but not least, don’t lose hope and faith

As quoted in the movie The Shawshank Redemption- “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies”.

We must stay proactive, positive, and sometimes creative, to maintain an active lifestyle today. Even if you are not directly affected by COVID-19, it is doubtless that it has had a drastic impact on your day-to-day routine. I hope these tips help you manage and maintain your lifestyle during this lockdown, better.

Take care, stay safe, and stay healthy.

How to implement Zero trust security

The Best Time to Take Economics Tuition

Singapore is a country that uses hundreds of dollars on tuitions every year. Whether the parents come from a higher class family or a middle class family, both somehow manage to send their children to tuitions. Today over a half of the high school students in Singapore take economics tuitions for their A-level examinations. As the number of students are increasing, the tuition centers also went up from a handful to an economics tuition center at every unit. But the question is, when is the right time to join best economics tuition for maximum benefits?

In this article we will discuss when to send your children to economics tuition. Moreover  we will talk about the best economics tutor in Singapore.

Near to The A-level Examination 

Some students register themselves with economics tuition at the eleventh hour, near the examination. There are pros and cons to the situation. The advantage is that low income families don’t have to pay the economics tuition fees throughout the academic year. Instead of that, they only have to pay the fees for about 3 go 4 months. The negative aspect is that the child’s concepts of economics will not have a strong foundation. As we know that GCE A-level has increased the difficulty level of the examinations. So, until and unless they don’t have the concepts, they wont be able to attempt the situation based questions. However, to avoid this situation, they can send their children for economics tuition in the start of the academic year, and some tutors like Anthony Fok for JCEconomics keep the fees to minimum and might provide concessions to a deserving candidate.

At The Beginning of The Academic Year 

This means that the parents register their children with the economics tuition in the beginning of the academic year. It is however, one of the popular methods but jt comes with pros and cons as well. First lets talk about the positive aspect, which is that student develops a strong base of the subject. They know all the complicated concepts, and practised the sample papers. That is a full package for a student in order to ace the exams. Moreover, they get more confident as they have revised all the topics with their school teachers and their economics tutors. Sometimes, economics tutor also do one oneone sessions with the students to clear out all the doubts. Other than that, the student doesnt feel stressed about the course outline. Instead of getting in to the hassle of last minute crash courses, they have a firm grip over almost every concept, including the paper pattern. However, the negative aspect is that some families can’t afford a full term tuition along with the school fees. They might feel burdened due to the hefty amounts they have to pay every month.

Anthony Fok at JCEconomics 

Anthony Fok is known as the economics guru of Singapore. The cause of his popularity is not just good grades, but his way of teaching his students. He doesnt give up on his students. He individually ensures that every student is understanding the concepts, even if they fail to do so, he can go to limits to provide them with the easiest explanation. Mr. Fok doesnt charge hefty amount of money for his tuition, as his aim is to help all. We would suggest you to send the children for his tuition in the start of the academic year. If its not possible, we assure that Mr. Fok won’t leave your child alone even if they join in mid sessions. Just the right step is all we expect from you.


Governor John Carney Delivers State of State Address 2020

In the House of Representatives of the Dover Legislative Hall, outlining our priorities in strengthening Delaware’s economy, improving our public schools and protecting Delaware’s quality of life. Governor john Carney is hosting a series of town halls across the state to discuss his priorities as outlined in his State of the Union Address, FY2021 budget proposal, and to listen to contributions from associates of the public.

Highlights from the Governor’s Address

Wilmington Schools

While the students in our state need our attention, the students in Wilmington need our help the most. That’s why, now yesterday, johns Carney broadcast our sketch to spend $ 50 million to construct a new school on the East Side of Wilmington. And renovate Bayard on the West Side. Across Delaware, from Dover to Middletown and Rehoboth, we have built or renovated nearly 30 beautiful schools in the past three years. Our kids in Wilmington deserve no less. 

 Clean water infrastructure

John Carney said healthier Delaware starts with our most essential and valuable resource: water. It is very important to protect this resource for future generations. From Brandywine to Rehoboth Bay and Trap Pond, our state has beautiful natural areas. And we all agree that families in Blades, here in Dover – and throughout our state – deserve to know that the water coming out of their taps is clean. That’s why we’re partnering with MP Longhurst and Senator McBride to invest $ 50 million in clean water. 

Possible financing

“The promise we made to our children three years ago is probably the most important of all.  John Carney promised that by the end of the semester, more kids will be out of school and ready for what comes next. And with a sense of promise about the future. Today I can report that the number of low-income graduates and English learners is the highest in the last 10 years. Today, for the first time in our state history, we are channeling resources to the students who need our help the most. We call this “opportunity financing”. My financial plan will carry on these investments, not only since it is right, but also because the prospect of our state depends on the achievement of our children. ” 

Pre-K Expansion

John Carney knows early start is the key to this success. This is why over the next three years, we will increase the number of government-funded Pre-k seats by 50 percent statewide. ”

A tree for every Delawarian

This year we are enchanting one more step onward in terms of ecological defense. Over the next decade, we will plant 1 million trees throughout Delaware. This is a tree for every Delaware. 

Technological infrastructure

New-fangled funds in our technology transportation have previously brought high speed internet to areas around Laurel, Seaford and Bridgeville anywhere service has been not level or absent. It also helps family businesses like Ellis Farms, a poultry and grain business in Millsboro. … They rely on high-speed Internet for data collection and agricultural operations. Projects are planned in Kent in the coming weeks. 

Transport infrastructure

Delawarians also expect to be able to get to and from work quickly and safely. This is why we are investing $ 4.5 billion over the next six years to upgrade our roads, bridges and public transportation. 

Gooroo Courses

Gooroo is an academic firm that gives the opportunity to the students to study in a synchronous environment. The platform is a pioneer of online based studying and offers many study courses related to different fields and expertise.  Gooroo aims to provide knowledge and top quality training to the student who wants to learn new stuff. Gooroo believes that knowledge and expertise should be accessible for all. Gooroo aim is to encourage the love of knowledge and studying.

Gooroo, is a subscription-based instructional and learning firm. The firm has launched a web based platform that provides on-demand programs to the students all over the world. The objective of Gooroo is to provide top quality training to all the people who wish to learn new things.

Gooroo programs provide the student with an innovative know-how and have a perfect training system. The platform allows the students to choose personalized tutor matches and distinctive online learning programs.

Courses Offered by Gooroo

Irrational Numbers: What is the Number Pi?

We find circles everywhere. They are found in Tires, wheels, cup lids, signs, and items like symbols! This course will teach you what a circle is and will also provide you knowledge about the important aspects of it. The area of circle includes:  center, radius, diameter, and circumference. The course will offer video examples of circles so that you can understand the concept clearly. Pi is defined as the irrational number and is an important ratio. The circumference of the circle is divided by the diameter. The course will provide the students with a claymation video of this concept as well. Two circles will be drawn: one will be drawn at the bottom on the flowerpot and the other one will be located on the bottom of the glass. The students will learn the way to measure up the circumference and will also be trained to learn about the diameter of every circle. You will also learn how the number which is obtained is close to Pi.

Average Acceleration and Velocity Formula

The calculation of the average acceleration and velocity formula is not a physics experiment that is hard to do. It can be done by anyone. You just need to know how to take measurements of a quantity and have to consider the measurement of two record times. You have to take the difference that is between the two measurements. When the number is found that you have to divide it by the difference of the two times. This course, will teach the students the difference between the rate of change and will also guide you about the average rate of change. You will be able to gain knowledge about the definition of the average velocity and the average acceleration. You will also learn about the method to compute each of them. The students will learn with examples like the car driving on a freeway. You will take a look at the speedometer or odometer and read it at two separate times. This example is presented to the students so that the concepts become relatable.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

The legality of essay writing services has become a very controversial topic these days. While many people support these services, there are others who condemn them. This has given rise to a moral dilemma among students. Many students who were previously using these services have become averse. There are many schools, colleges, and institutions that consider these services to be illegal.

Essay Writing Services:

To know if essay writing services are legal or illegal, you need to understand what it is about. Essay writing services means providing customized essays to students. There are professional writers who deliver a high-quality essay to students. They do this so that the students can get higher grades.
As we know, student life is not easy. They have to deal with will multiple tasks on a daily basis. These services help them to focus on more important tasks. Students can use these services to get good grades and get scholarships.

Legal or Illegal:

As we know, it is illegal to cheat on exams. Many institutions take strict actions against these issues. If you use someone else’s content or turn in plagiarized content, you will face severe consequences.  All the colleges and universities consider using custom essay writing services to be illegal. If you get caught, they will fail you and get you expelled.

But essay writing services are 100% legal if you use it in the right way. You don’t have to worry if you are using the services with good intentions. These services are 100% safe and legal.
There are many essay writing services on stressays that have been in the market for a long time. These companies are registered and follow all the rules and regulations. They abide by the law.

How to Use These Services in a Legal Way?

You need to use these services with care. Make sure; no one comes to know about it.

  • Online Tutoring: Getting online help is like tutoring. If you need help with the paper or essay and your professor is busy, you can use this service. If you don’t copy the entire thing and use it for guidance, it is not illegal.
  • Research Purpose: You need to use an essay writing service for research purposes only. If you are finding it difficult to conduct research on a topic, you can buy an online paper to get help.
  • Ideas &Reference: You have to use online essays to get ideas on the topic. You can also use it for reference. It is not illegal if you are using it for reference purposes.
  • Sample:  You can also use the essays as a rough sample. You can use the sample to improve your writing to get better grades.
  • To Save Time: If the topic is tough and demands more time, you can use this service. You can use it to save your own time. It would help if you made changes before you submit it.
  • Template: You can also use the essay for a template. You can use the template and the format to write your own essay.
  • Privacy: If you are using these services, make sure your information remains private. If nobody finds out about it, then you will not fall into any trouble.

So yes, essay writing services are legal unless someone finds out about it or you use it for reference purposes only. It would help if you had to use a genuine writing company which keeps your information private and provided high quality and plagiarism-free essay. You can find the reviews of these companies on Stressays. This way, no one will find out about it, and you will not face any trouble.

Why You Should Pursue a Degree In Education

For many who are interested in working in the education field, it isn’t just a job, but a meaningful career. That being said, some may still have some reservations about going ahead and pursuing this career option. If you think that an occupation in the education field could be right for you, but you’re on the fence, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

You Can Work With Others

If you’re thinking about pursuing something in education or possibly an alternative degree program one of the first things you should think about is whether or not you enjoy working with others in a group. When you choose to pursue education, you are most likely going to end up in a classroom setting in one way or another.

If you like working in groups and enjoy helping others, then this can be a great fit for you. If you like to help others learn but you don’t enjoy being the center of attention or leading conversations about new topics you may want to think about whether this is something you can adapt to, or if a different career path would be better for you. 

You Can Have a Career With Job Stability

A top benefit of having a career in education is that you will have a certain level of job stability. Teachers of all kinds are frequently in demand, and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. Also, as the population increases, so will the demand for teachers of all kinds, whether you teach elementary school, algebra, or English. 

You Can Have a Flexible Schedule

Something else that draws many to a career in education is that your schedule tends to be more flexible than that of some other occupations. Typically, teachers get to have evenings, weekends, and summers off. This means that you can develop a better work-life balance than you might be able to at another job, and it can be a particularly beneficial option for those that have families. Not only that but unlike what some may think, there can be a good salary outlook in this field as well. 

You Can Make a Difference

For many who decide that they want to work in education, the potential to make a difference in the lives of others is a big draw. Not only do you get the opportunity to teach others valuable information and skills, but when you read more about what this field and what you can do in it, you get to know that you’re having an impact on their life as well. This can be particularly true for those that go into areas of the field where they work with children with special needs or learning disabilities. 

A Few Final Thoughts About Pursuing an Education Degree

A job in education doesn’t just have to be a job, for many, it is a calling that adds a lot of meaning to their life. However, some may still have reservations about taking the leap and pursuing a degree in education. While it may feel intimidating, the reality is that if you enjoy teaching and helping others it can be a rewarding career choice that you could enjoy for years to come. 


The Importance of the Informative and Interesting Resume to Apply for a Job

Looking for a job is the biggest challenge for the fresh graduate. It’s like a fierce competition without knowing the real competitors. The number of fresh graduates is increasing day by day since many universities have conducted the graduation ceremony. Meanwhile, the number of job positions tends to be constants. On the other hand, some fresh graduates may lack experience. Most of them don’t have other experiences besides the university. Therefore, the fresh graduate will be lost with the other competitors who have a long experience in the specific job. So, is it the end for the fresh graduates? Well, even though fresh graduates don’t have many experiences, they can still show the good points of them. What they need to do is optimizing the resume so that the HR Staff will be interested in their resume even though it shows a lack of experience. How to do it? The first thing do is knowing the types of resumes that more likely to be accepted by the HR staff.

Generally, the HR Approved resume can be defined into three categories. The first one is the entry-level resume. This kind of resume is suitable for the fresh graduate that will make a debut or start to find the job. Creating an entry-level for the fresh graduate is quite challenging. Why? As mentioned previously, fresh graduates may lack experience. So, the experience or history job in the resume may be filled with nothing. However, even though with this condition, the fresh graduates need to create a resume with the appealing manner in the term of structure and contains so that the recruiter can be attracted to their resume and give the fresh graduate a chance to work. Well, in this case, the fresh graduates can fill that form with any activities that have been done during universities such as student councils, social charity, conducting the student’s elections, research activities, and others. It can give more positive vibes towards the recruiter since the fresh graduates can adapt to such a high-pressure condition and active in social activities.

The second one is a professional resume you certainly can get from a resume builder. It can be said as the reverse resume of the entry-level resumes. The professional job seekers have a lot of experience both in specific or various fields. In this case, there will be no problem for them to fill the history of job parts. They can make an order from the most recent jobs to the oldest jobs. They have a lot of options to decide whether the job should be included in the resume or not. But, does it mean that making a professional job is easy? Well, it sounds easy but it doesn’t. The professionals should be able to make a resume that can show their true ability and skills so that the resume will be not so bored. And, here it is the challenge. Creating a job with a lot of information can be more difficult since the template, layout, and writing style should be adjusted.

The third template is the student’s resume. Well, this template can be more complex than two other templates. Why? Most of the students don’t have any employment experience since they are focusing on their studies. Only some students can get internship programs in some companies so that they can use it as the job experience. On the other hand, most of the students are also not able to create such a powerful resume that can attract recruiters. This reality hits since some schools don’t teach about how to make a good resume. However, the students still have a chance to make their resume become one of the most powerful resumes. How? The students can include information about their GPA score, achievement in some competitions, and other social activities. The score of GPA can show how persistent the students are. They are diligent and hardworking to achieve the best GPA. Those attitudes are needed in the company. In addition, the achievement in some competitions can show that the students always try to take a new challenge. Meanwhile, social activities can indicate the leadership of the students. Those things are needed in the company.

Based on the description above, it can be concluded that the presence of a good resume is important. Well, a good resume needs to be prepared carefully. The first thing that should be considered is the template or layouts of the resume. Normally, the HR staff will be more interested in unique and elegant resume templates. Some people who can design a template will have more benefits. However, other people can still get an interesting template of resume by using the resume builder. It is a kind of website that offers the service to make a resume template automatically. Normally, the resume builder will offer a lot of templates that can be chosen by the applicants. They can choose the templates based on the job positions and the theme of templates.

Another thing that should be considered in the making of a good resume is the information of resumes. A good resume doesn’t mean a long resume with detailed information. Sometimes, a good resume just needs to be prepared in a single page. However, the information is compressed into a simple one but still meaningful. The resume builder will make sure that all of the information can be presented in such an effective way so that the HR Staff will give more attention to the resume.

In order to ensure the accuracy and validity of the resume, the applicants can check the preview of the resume. It can be edited easily by the applicants. After checking the resume thoroughly, the applicants can save and download the resume. It is ready to be used as a resume to apply for a job. The important key to making a good resume is knowing the portion of information. Another important thing is knowing how to present the information in an interesting resume.

A Decision of a lifetime- My Best Online High School Experience

Switching to an online school was not an easy decision for me.

I had always been a traditional school student, but during my middle school years, destiny had altogether different plans for me!

Looking at my mother’s health conditions, I had to make a conscious decision to switch to online schooling.

Initially, I could not pre-empt anything about this journey.

But today I feel earning an online high school diploma was the best decision that I could have made.

I finished high school online with ease. Here are some highlights of my online high school program:

A Study plan tailored around my lifestyle:

I researched for the best online high schools and I realized that my online high school diploma program gave me a preference to study at any time and from anywhere.

In the absence of any fixed routine, there were days when I studied within the comforts of my home, and similarly, I could carry on my studies even while I was traveling.

Unparalleled advantage of a flexible self-paced education:

With my family responsibilities, I preferred being a night owl. So, my school hours started at around 10:30 pm, and I carried my studies peacefully in a quiet and productive atmosphere. I regained my energy for the next day after a nap and I slowly adapted perfectly to this lifestyle.

Breaking free from boundation of fixed school hours/support:

Generally, people believe that it is difficult to get in touch with the online teachers, however, it is just the opposite. My online teachers supported throughout the program duration and it was quite easy to communicate with them via e-mail and other means. Moreover, they were experts in creating personalized educational plans for the students. I can conclude this because none of my teachers at the brick and mortar schools could understand my blended learning style and linguistic intelligence type as the online teachers did.

The benefit of covering up the course content:

Online schooling allows me to cover up studies when I could not manage a full-fledged school schedule.

So, there is no chance of missing out on anything whatsoever even when I was juggling between different things. This was another great benefit of not being tied to a routine!


Most creative teaching practices:

My teachers left no stones unturned to create a rich learning experience. They used approaches based on project, collaboration, and content to make us create our own knowledge. This amalgamation of the best educational theories and approaches made a huge impact on our learning. Therefore, by the time I was at high school, I turned out to be an independent knowledge seeker. All thanks to the interactive and creative learning environment of my virtual school.

Zero threats of safety and discrimination:

The best online high schools have no room for any biases. Physical appearance, gender, disabilities, etc. had no considerations amongst the stakeholders.

Another added advantage of an online platform is that it creates a 100% safe environment for the students. While traditional schools are still struggling with the cases of school violence, online schools are a safe haven for all learners.

Brings down the cost of good quality education:

My choice of opting for a virtual school was proved beneficial in every sense of the term. Academically, socially and financially, it supported my conditions perfectly. I could see drastic savings in my educational budgets because of saving cost that were levied at traditional schools over and above the tuition fee. My online school had no hidden charges and my school fee was all that I paid apart from my one-time homeschooling setup. So, the best quality education was never so affordable for me.

Easily achievable academic accomplishments:

Best Online high school diploma programs offered an option for credit recovery. I managed to recover a credit that I had lost in the previous year. This second chance came as a savior for my transcript and helped to manage my academic consistency.

Feasibility of in-depth learning:

Our online high school program was designed for an enriched learning experience.  It helped us to move to the next topic only when the first one was mastered. So, I developed a strong academic base like never before.

The easiest way of attaining a high school diploma

A high school diploma is a gateway to the highest paying job markets. This credential becomes a lifeline for your career goals. What better than earning it at your convenience and making it big at the next level.

Worry-free learning for every learner type:

During my online schooling, I realized the fact that it suits the learning style of every learner. My peers included auditory, visual, and disabled learners, and the best part was that all of us completed our high school with the most suitable study strategies that suited our learning style.

Well-designed career path:

Before choosing an online school, one considers the legitimacy factor more than anything else. I was no exception to this. When I approached my online school, they convinced me with their answer to my obvious question. I understood the fact that, accredited online schools provide a high school diploma which bears the accredited status of the institution. High school diplomas from accredited high schools are accepted at the university level just like a regular school diploma and make your career path smooth.

So, my online schooling experience was a win-win situation.


You must be wondering, if this the case with all students of online schools?

Well! That depends on the online school you choose.

Accredited and quality-driven online schools make the journey of education joyous and hassle-free.

Today I look back at my happy memories of my online school.

My student-centric online school journey was brilliantly supported by:

International Schooling- one of the best online high schools

An accredited online school, International Schooling offers the best combination of 80 plus courses and supports the student’s education through world-class resources.

Brilliant educators of this fully online school make it a trustworthy institute for learners from all corners of the world.

Accredited by NCA CASI, SACS CASI, NWAC ,the top 3 accreditation organizations of the United States, International Schooling offers an ‘online high school diploma’ program at the learner’s convenience.

As an alternative to traditional schooling, this platform allows the best learning opportunities through a self-study plan.

There are numerous more benefits of International Schooling that I had come across during my school journey. It was an answer to many questions in my life as a struggling student. I am glad my education was planned by this pioneer organization. Today, all my happy experiences and new-age skills have started yielding benefits in my IT career.

A dependable and reliable one-time solution for all your educational needs!

International Schooling was the best decision of my life!

7 Good Reasons to Write on Your Assignments In The Morning

As a student, whether you like it or not, you have to do assignments. Instructors use assignments to gauge your understanding and also grade you. So, they are unavoidable. But, what is the best time to do your assignment? Should you do it in the morning, during the day, or before you go to bed? Well, you can do your assignment at any time of the day or night. However, doing it in the morning will enable you to produce quality work. Remember quality work is what you need for better grades. In this article, we explain seven good reasons why you need to work on your assignment in the morning.

7 Good Reasons why to work on your assignments in the morning

  1. Concentration is higher

In the morning, your mind is less occupied. It is actually free. There are also limited distractions. This means that concentration will be higher. Reading and understanding your prompt at this time is much easier. Coming up with a solution gets even easier. Even complex questions are easier to solve in the morning. According to Sandra Anderson, an online assignment writing service support staff at believes, with increased concentration, more students are able to complete their assignments in the morning within a shorter time.

  1. You are more energized

You need enough energy to complete your assignment. In the morning, you have high energy levels. This means that you will be able to complete your assignment in a shorter time. Remember that night you took hours to complete your assignment? See, at night you have used a lot of energy on various activities during the day. This means you have low energy levels. How then can you finish your assignment within a shorter time? You will spend more time struggling with low energy.

  1. Recalling is easier

Recalling information in the morning is easier. The same can’t be said with nights. With all day’s activities, recalling becomes a problem. But, after getting enough sleep, recalling is easy and fast. So, if you want to answer your prompt correctly, sleep early, wake up, do your assignment.

  1. Time management is effective

During the day or at night, it is hard to use time properly. You may be doing your assignment and your friend comes over with some juicy gossip. What do you do? If you are like any other normal student, you will be tempted to listen. What if your phone rings in the middle of your assignment? Just like any other human being in this era, you will pick the phone. After talking, you may be tempted to visit social media. Here, you read some Facebook comments, give some replies, and watch a video or two. How much time will you have wasted by the time you are done with your assignment? Hours.

This is less likely to happen in the morning. Your friends are most probably dead asleep. You are also less likely to think of social media at this time. So, a fresh morning can help you manage your time effectively. This increases the chances of having a fruitful day ahead.

  1. You complete assignment faster

We are all very active in the morning. This means that if you do your assignment in the morning, you will complete it faster. Perfect, right? Right.

  1. You are not tired or lazy

As opposed to night hours, in the morning, you will not feel tired or lazy. You will be able to give the best in your assignment.

  1. You are more motivated

After a good night’s sleep, you are refreshed and more motivated. So, any activity you choose to do at this time goes smoothly. This means that you are more likely to produce quality work that will give you better grades. Remember motivation is key to success. The more you are motivated, the more you are likely to succeed.

Advice on how to do assignment in the morning

Clearly, doing your assignment is beneficial. It increases the chance of producing good work within a shorter time. But, we all know how sweet morning sleep is! We try to avoid anything that would interrupt this sleep. What sounds worse is waking up early to do an assignment! Can’t it be another time? Like day time or before sleep? Well, the benefits of doing an assignment in the morning are way better. In fact, it is worth scarifying your sleep for good grades. Consider the following preparations for an effective session.

  • Sleep early. This way, you will be able to wake up early.
  • Set alarm or ask someone to wake you up.
  • Wash your face you shake off sleep
  • Start working on your assignment.

Sometimes even morning hours will not help you work on your assignment. In this case, you might need some professional help. An online essay writer can be of great assistance. Experts can help you understand and complete your essay within the given time.

What are M7 Business Schools?

The term “M7 Business Schools” stands for magnificent or magic 7 which refers to the 7 most elite business schools of the world. A long time back, the directors of the seven most powerful private business schools formed an unofficial system identified as M7.

M7 Business School Includes

M7 Business School includes the following schools:-

Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School is known to be a member of Columbia University, which was founded in 1754. Students who get admission to this business school profit from the continually evolving curriculum and the school’s place in Manhattan, New York City.

Children can participate in many extracurricular activities that permit them to prepare what they have read in the previous classes on trading rooms and in board rooms and stores.

Columbia Business School (CBS) gives:-

  • Two-year MBA class
  • An executive MBA program
  • A master of science programs
  • Doctoral programs
  • Executive education programs.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School (HBS) is a very reputable and famous business school in the world. It is the business school founded by the Harvard University, a private Ivy League university established in 1908.

Harvard Business School (HBS) is situated in Boston, Massachusetts.

The School offers:-

  • A two-year private MBA program
  • Extraordinary curriculum
  • Doctoral programs
  • Executive education

MIT Sloan School of Management

The MIT Sloan School of Management is a member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Students of MIT Sloan make lots of hands-on management experience and also possess the chance to work with companions in engineering and science curricula at MIT to make solutions to real-world queries.

MIT Sloan School of Management gives:-

  • Undergraduate business programs
  • Multiple MBA programs
  • Specialized master’s programs
  • Executive education
  • Ph.D. programs.

North-Western University’s Kellogg School of Management

The Kellogg School of Management at North-Western University is situated in Evanston, Illinois. It was the very first business school to support the presence of teamwork in the business environment and still supports group work and team management through its marketing activities.

Kellogg School of Management at North-western University gives:-

  • a certificate program for undergraduates
  • An MS in Management Studies
  • Several MBA programs
  • Doctoral programs.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is a private research university with the biggest campuses and most discriminating undergraduate activities in the USA.

Children can participate in many extracurricular activities that permit them to prepare what they have read in the previous classes on trading rooms and in board rooms and stores.

Stanford GSB also gives:-

  • A one-year master’s degree program
  • A Ph.D. program
  • Executive education.

University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business

Chicago Booth is a graduate-level business school endowed in 1889 which is one of the oldest schools of business in the world.

It is correctly situated in the University of Chicago.

Chicago Booth offers:-

  • Degree programs
  • MBA programs
  • Executive education
  • Ph.D. programs.

Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

The last school of M7 business schools is the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, also called Wharton was established by Benjamin Franklin. Wharton is very famous for its renowned alumni as well as its nearly unique preparation in economics and finance. The school is situated in Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Wharton offers:-

  • An MBA program
  • An executive MBA program
  • Ph.D. programs
  • Executive education.
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