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What is fish finder and how it can help with fishing?

Lowrance fish finder

When it comes to hobbies, fishing is one that requires patience and concentration, though many enthusiasts would agree that the wait is certainly worth it, as it is quite the rewarding activity as well. 

However, sometimes things just don’t go the way they should. Even if you do have the right lure set up, the best rod suited for your fishing style, no matter what you do, the prey just doesn’t bite, leaving a feeling of frustration for many of us.

Today I’m gonna talk about a product which can make you enjoy your favorite leisure activity even more – Lowrance fish finder

First of all, what are fish finders?

The concept of a fish finder is very easy to understand. As experts would tell you, it is a high-frequency sonar device which helps a person using it, locate fish when out on a fishing trip. 

By transmitting a sound wave downwards towards the ocean or lake floor, it is able to pick up its echo from schools of fish that are passing by, also indicating the distance from the ship to the fish.

The most popular two finder types are simple echo sounders which send a signal and can give basic information back to the fishers, or more complex variants which can send in multiple directions and provide data about the fish which is much more in-depth.

Probably the easiest fish finder to use out there – Lowrence HOOK2-4X GPS Fishfinder

I want to talk about why I think this is one of the best fish finders to use out there, especially for those that have never used one before. 

First of all, the Lowrence HOOK2-4x GPS offers very simple to use and easy to understand menus, which allow easy access to its key functions. Made by the respected and proven Lowrence brand, the HOOK2 4x also features wide-angle sonar coverage with a simple GPS plotter to top it all off. 

Just fire it up and fish.

Is it really that simple? The answer is yes, it is. This fish finder offers state-of-the-art fish tracking technology with the help of their sonar, which is smart enough to adjust itself if weather conditions change during your fishing trip.

Complicated buttons and constant device adjustments are things of the past. No more hassle when trying to set up the equipment you bought for your favorite hobby. Like I said, you can simply turn the device on and focus on the fishing, while the device does all the hard work for you.

Another thing which separates the product from its competition is the way it is designed. Namely, its anglers. Wide anglers like the one on this device, help fishers cover much more ground than the average fish finder and locate schools much more easily.

Finally, there’s the GPS plotter which is also worth a mention. With it, you can easily save your waypoints, follow the trails and save routes to your favorite fishing spots. All of this with the few clicks of a button.

All in all

Today I’ve talked about fish finders and how they can help you out on your fishing trips. Indeed, it is a wonderful device which can bring even more joy to your favorite activity. So, the next time you jump aboard a boat, make sure that you have a fish finder like the one I’ve talked about  in your tool arsenal.

Italy Tours: Plan the Best Trip to Italy

Italy is a country that has earned its way to many travelers’ bucket list. And for good reason! Italy is loaded with historical sights. In fact, there are 50 UNESCO world heritage sites intermingled with its charming towns and great cities. Furthermore, Italy’s lively and welcoming culture combined with its approachable cuisine make it an easy country to visit. For these reasons Italy tours are one of the most popular vacations.

Italy’s Great Cities

Rome, Florence, and Venice are known as Italy’s great cities because they are full of art and culture that many people think of when imaging Italy.

Many travelers want to include Turin, Milan, Bologna and Naples for full exposure to Italy’s cities from north to south.

One can learn about the culture and history of the nation through the cultural artifacts found in these cities. But, to travel Italy is as much about experiencing its lifestyle and culture in the streets, cafes and piazzas, as it is seeing the historical sights.

Enjoy Italy Slowly

There is so much to see and do in Italy that travelers must accept it cannot all be done in one trip.

Visiting Italy’s great cities means enjoying the morning espresso at a cafe among locals. It means strolling around the streets during the late afternoon, for what is a uniquely Italian custom with its own word passeggiata, to experience the late afternoon social life.

To tour Italy well is to slow down for time to enjoy its ambiance. Italy’s regions from north to central to south have nuanced pulses that run at their own rhythm. Each of Italy’s regions is unique. If one travels too quickly through Italy this integral feature of an Italy vacation will be missed.

Therefore, to plan the best Italy tour experience decide how for many days will be your trip to Italy. Then plan an itinerary that comfortably matches the time available to tour Italy. This is the most important piece of advice when planning the best trip to Italy.

To experience life in Italy’s cities we suggest allowing for at least two nights in each destination. This will provide time to experience the cycle of an entire day. Then travelers will be able to experience the morning cafe, leisurely lunch, afternoon passeggiata, evening aperitif, followed by dinner. Without experiencing each the tourist to Italy misses what is Italian life.

Excursions Between Italy’s Great Cities

Outside Italy’s great cities are a full roster of towns that many travelers want to visit. These include cultural attractions and places of natural beauty.

When planning an itinerary plan to use travel days between new destinations to plan excursions. For example, when traveling between Florence and northern Italy’s Lakes or Venice include Pisa to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Chianti to taste the area’s wine. Other foodie destinations on this route include Parma and Bologna to soak up the region’s rich culture and indulge in its fine food.

When traveling between Rome and Florence consider a visit to Tuscany and Umbria to enjoy the hill towns. Many Italy tours include Assisi to visit the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi. Another itinerary includes Orvieto for a visit to a classic hilltop town.

Guided Italy Vacations

For travelers who are not interested in the extensive planning required for a great trip to Italy, or do not have the time to plan a proper Italy vacation, then Italy tours offer all-inclusive Italy vacations. With these guided Italy vacations all the details are handled. Visit the beautiful Cinque Terre without trying to figure out how to navigate into these tiny towns. Ride down the Amalfi Coast while enjoying the views without worrying about what is around the next curve. Enter the Vatican Museum and Colosseum in Rome without waiting on lines.

All-inclusive escorted Italy vacations ensure guests see popular attractions while discovering hidden gems only known to residents. Furthermore, there is ample time to experience Italian life as time is organized efficiently.

Book one of the best Italy tours today or customize your own vacation. Either option is ideal when visiting this beautiful country to learn more about its people, history, and culture.

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