Is it feasible to mud and refinish manufactured hardwood?

Are your hardwood floors starting to look a bit tired? It’s time to provide your hardwood floors a little TLC if they have seen better days. You can trust a high-quality sanding and finishing job to restore your engineered flooring. Engineered floors can be refinished. Yes! But how often? This is the basic idea: the thicker your floor layer, the more you can refinish it. Our specialists recommend that you choose a more dense material if you’re considering installing engineered flooring in your home. This will allow your floors to be sanded and refinished overtime to increase their longevity.

When should you refinish your engineered hardwood floors?

How do you know when your floors need a makeover? When their floors look tired, most homeowners choose to sand and refinish.

You may also need to refinish these signs:

  • Deep scratches that penetrate the floor’s protective coating
  • Stubborn stains
  • Wood fibers are exposed by warping

Do you see scratches, stains, or warping in your engineered hardwood floors site? Elegant Floor Service offers reliable sanding, refinishing, and installation for both homes and businesses in the DMV.

Refinishing Engineered Hardwood in the DMV Area

Do not let your hardwood floors fade and scratch! Our top-rated flooring services will transform the appearance of your Maryland, Virginia, or DC property. Your engineered flooring is an expensive part of your house, so you shouldn’t attempt to do it yourself. You could end up damaging the hardwood floors or spending more money on repairs if you try to sand them or refinish them yourself.

We offer these services to provide the flooring solution for every engineered hardwood:

  • Restoration
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Staining
  • Sanding
  • Installation
  • Refinishing
  • Replacing

NoVA Engineered Floor Refinishing

Elegant Floor Service can give your home and commercial property a fresh look with hardwood floor refinishing. Our team of experts can help bring back your flooring’s beauty, regardless of whether scratches, stains, or splinters have damaged it.

Here are four tips for hardwood floor maintenance

You want your hardwood floors to last for many years. Regular hardwood floor maintenance and cleaning are necessary to achieve this. Elegant Floor Services has some great tips to keep your wood floors looking new.

  • Vacuum often –Vacuuming hardwood floors in your home should be done every week. You may be wondering why it is so important to vacuum your hardwood floors every week. The fine grit in dust underfoot is similar to sandpaper and can slowly wear down your wood floor’s finish. This is simply not anything you intend to do to your hardwood floors.
  • Removing residue-To make it easy to reach the wood floor cleaner in an emergency, keep a non-wax one on hand. To clean up any dirt or spillages that may have occurred in your home, wipe the floor clean.
  • Reduce your exposure to water-Water is a common problem that can cause damage to your floors. However, it is often overlooked in critical moments. Water can damage hardwood floors, as well as penetrate the wood and stain it. If rain is forecast, keep your windows shut and take off any wet clothing before entering the house.

Doormats are a great option- Many homeowners place rugs in high-traffic areas or entryways to enhance their hardwood floors’ beauty. A wood floor’s finish can be damaged by water. However, water can also penetrate deeply into the wood and stain it. An area rug can protect your hardwood floor from this.

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