Nigeria’s Post-UTME Examination Facts

For admission into any Nigerian institution, passing the Post-UTME examination is mandatory. It is for this reason that I have written this detailed article. Prepare for your UTME examination with this article, and you’ll be able to pass with excellent results.

Post UTME is the examination done after the JAMB UTME examination or screening, as the word “POST” means “after”. A university in Nigeria conducts this exam after JAMB’s UTME in order to admit the best candidates among thousands of applicants through JAMB.
Students in Nigeria are admitted to institutions mainly based on their performance in the post-UTME examination. You may not be admitted to a university, for instance, if you pass the JAMB examination very well, but do not pass the post-UTME examination very well. Despite being accepted to your desired program, it might not be in your preferred field.

Read At The Appointed Time

Starting to study for a post-UTME screening exam at the last minute is a mistake you should avoid. It is obvious that you won’t get enough done if you do this. Don’t think of the Post-UTME screening examination as a trivial examination, since it is not very easy. JAMB examinations are actually often less difficult than post-UTME screening examinations at some universities. Because of this, you should begin reading early.

As soon as your JAMB examination is over, you should prepare for the screening examination after the UTME. It is only one month until the test. Don’t relax just yet. Whenever you do so, you are risking your chance of success.

Find Out Which Textbooks You Need for The Post-UTME Examination

In order to pass the Post-UTME exam, it is essential to have the right study materials. The UTME examinations are difficult in Nigeria due to the uncertainty surrounding how they are conducted.

Occasionally, schools use questions that are not just adapted from the past JAMB questions. Current events in Nigeria are the topics of their questions. Someone who only reads the past JAMB questions would have a difficult time passing in this case. Therefore, you must investigate the recommended textbooks in your dream school and read them carefully.

You will be much better prepared for your post-UTME examination if you do this. To succeed in a post-UTME examination, it is therefore important to obtain the right materials. You can ask previous exam takers for the right study materials. Consult your university’s recommended textbooks.

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