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Braking Resistors and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most important competitive factors for companies today. Especially electric motors are of great importance for energy efficiency applications. Because almost seventy percent of the electrical energy consumed in the industry is electric motors. Large power electric motors can be made much more efficient with a few technical applications. Braking resistors are widely used at this point. Even if the motor is stopped in electric motors with drive, the motor does not stop immediately due to the motor inertia. The motor continues to rotate and a lot of energy is released. At this point, if the motor is not stopped by braking resistors, it feeds sugar and excess voltage occurs. Motor braking resistors are used to prevent this situation.

Thanks to braking resistors, motor malfunctions are prevented and energy is recovered. The application areas of braking resistors are as follows.

-Fixed crane, tower crane

-Robot control applications

Conveyor systems

-Elevator and escalator applications

-In pulley systems in factories

-In stone crushing machines

In wind turbines

The value of the braking resistor depends on the characteristics of the drive. Speed control device manufacturers generally give these values in their product catalogs. Rmax and Rmin are important at these points. In general, another important criterion at this point is the strength of the braking resistor. Our recommendation is that one tenth of the motor power can be selected as the braking resistor power. However, as we said, this value will vary according to the application.

What Should be the Properties of Braking Resistors?

Braking resistors must be heat resistant. The materials of these resistors should be chosen especially from high quality heat resistant products. Moreover, the tolerance of braking resistors should be high.  It may not be easy to predict what will occur during the application. In addition, since the braking resistors will be used in industrial environments, the IP protection class should be high. It is important that it is not affected by dust and chemicals.

Another important point is that since these resistors are used in industrial environments, the location will always be a problem. For this reason, small products that can fit into compact panels will provide great convenience during application. Aluminum case can be preferred for its lightness. Aluminum is also a good coolant. For this reason, these types of cases are often preferred in ac drive applications.


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