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What to Expect When You Are Reported to Child Protective Services

Parents can face the removal of their children from the home if they present a risk to the child. Child protective services receive reports each day about allegations of abuse, neglect, and other harmful acts. They must investigate the person identified in the report and determine if the person is a threat to the child. The findings determine if the child is removed from the home.

They Can Interview the Child

Child protective services have the authority to question the child at the child’s school without prior notification. However, they are required to tell the parents that they interviewed the child and when. Child protective services must have a valid reason for questioning the child. They must have a report for abuse or neglect with the substantial proof before they can begin questioning. The officers question the child to give the child a chance to report any wrongdoing and protect them from their abuser. Parents can learn What CPS can and cannot do by discussing the case with an attorney or an investigator.

The Parents Must be Notified About Interviews of Assessments

The notification must be received on the same day that the officers questioned the child about the allegations. Unless the parent is the subject of the investigation, the officers will present their findings to the parent. If the parent is the subject of the investigation, the officers report their findings to law enforcement.

A Warrant for Searching the Home

Child protective services must have a warrant to search the home, and law enforcement will accompany them into the home. The CPS officer must investigate the scene in the property for signs of abuse or neglect. They will investigate the allegations against the parent or person identified in the report. After the claim has been substantiated, the CPS officers will remove the child and place them with a family. The person listed in the report will be arrested by law enforcement if there are signs of a criminal act.

They Can Remove the Child If There is a Threat

Child protective services investigate threats to the child’s well-being. They can investigate allegations of any form of abuse, neglect, or other criminal acts occurring in the household. If a parent or guardian is addicted to drugs or alcohol, or they are involved in criminal activities, the child will be removed from the home. The circumstances present a risk to the child and their well-being.

Parents Can Choose Who Gets Their Child

Parents can choose where the children are sent if CPS removes the child from their home. They can choose a family member to take custody of the children until they are eligible to restore their rights. The CPS officers will conduct screening processes to determine if the person is the right fit for the children. They must have adequate space for the children and an income that allows the potential guardian to support them.

Child protective services investigate reports of child abuse or neglect. They have the authority to remove a child from their home if threats exist. The agency must substantiate the claim before taking any action. If they do not have evidence of wrongdoing, they can’t remove a child from their home.

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