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How to Recover Corrupt MS SQL Server Databases in Quick Time

Irrespective of whether you are working on the latest iteration of SQL Server database platform from Microsoft or using its free Express edition, you are likely to encounter a SQL crash someday. In such a situation you can safely rely on DataNumen SQL Recovery; the most powerful SQL Recovery tool to extract data from corrupted database files.  In this article, we take a comprehensive look at this class leading MDF repair tool.

When it comes to relational databases, there are few products that can hold a candle to the long-standing popularity of the Microsoft SQL Server platform across different user communities. This exceptional database is today used by some of the largest companies on the planet and yet at the same time, it finds a very dedicated following amongst web developers, educational institutes, and even small businesses.  SQL Server in fact has one of the most diverse databases for a top-of-the-line RDBMS solution and this leads to its unique challenges which not everyone can handle.  While using the software, users and database admins can experience several common challenges such as corrupted MDF files to inane error messages that suddenly make your files inaccessible. In such times you need a highly effective tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery to deal with the issue you are experiencing.

DataNumen SQL Recovery – Rich in Features and Absolutely Easy to Use

The DataNumen SQL Recovery application offers you a whole array of features which easily makes it the best tool in the market. The software is capable of handling huge database files even up to the size of 16TB. Most importantly it completes the whole recovery process in a relatively quick time while maintaining data integrity.  In case you are absolutely short on time and are looking at recovering specified data, you can opt to choose the Fast Scan and Recovery option to perform a fast MDF recovery process.

If you are looking to recover multiple MDF files at one go then you just need to choose the Batch Recovery option. The tool also gives you the flexibility to extract data from different media types ranging from CD drives and SSDs to even old floppy disks. It also offers support to extract different datatypes and can even recover Triggers, scalar functions and encrypted objects.  It can deal with a wide array of issues that any typical team working on SQL Server may encounter like corrupt indexes, inaccessible SQL Server data on virtual machine disk, as well as messed up NDF files.

When it comes to usability, DataNumen SQL Recovery is an absolutely pleasure to use even for a novice database operator. It sports a very minimalistic interface with primary options clearly spelled out. It steers clear of UI clutter and offers a very simple process for recovering corrupted MDF files. Just select the corrupt file that you need to recover and choose format as “Auto Determined” and the tool will automatically determine the version of corrupted MDF files. Specify the output file name and click on Start Recovery to get back your corrupted data.

Class-Leading Recovery Rate and an Enviable Record of Success 

The DataNumen SQL Recovery is way above its peers when it comes to recovery rates. In tests, it has been able to achieve an average recovery rate of 92.6 percent which is way higher than its nearest rival which languishes at a meagre 63.2 percent.  The software has a legacy of success and has been around for over 20 years. In its two decades of excellence, it has more than a million customers to its credit and has received wide adulation. So if you are looking for a SQL Server recovery tool just get hold of DataNumen SQL Recovery without a second thought.

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